Aki Asian Hot Pot


12201 E Mississippi Ave
Ste 125
Aurora, CO80012
(720) 638-3193

This place is amazing! I found the concept of an all you can eat hotpot quite intriguing and as soon as we got some friends together we had to check them out. When we arrived around 6pm on a Saturday the place was already full but we put our names on the list and went for a 30 min stroll in the Pacific Market. Once we were seated, we were presented with a checklist style menu with a huge variety of proteins, vegetables and mushrooms. The broth selection is not bad either but personally I would probably go with the spicy one next time. The selection servings are very generous and appear of extremely good quality. We did ask for some eggs to put into our hot pot but unfortunately they did not have any. The sauce station has a large variety and allows you to create as many sauces as you need to enhance your experience. The service staff is quite busy but does check up on you periodically. I'm really glad we checked them out and they surpassed all our expectations! (I did see a sign that they will be increasing their pricing in September)

All you can eat Hot Pot, really? Yes Really!!! A Group of us went Friday at 11am opening time to have lunch. Prep yourself for a 2 hour lunch. It's not a quickie that's for sure. It's a fairly new place, Corner of Mississippi Ave and Peoria St. Northeast corner. Lots and lots of choices weather you are a vegatarian, seafood lover, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and get this ice cream for dessert, if you have room. You have your individual Hot pot bowl. Choice of Broth. Beef, Corn, Herb, Spicy. Of course select yourself, create any dipping sauce you like. If your broth becomes low, they refill!! Price is extremely reasonable for Hot Pot! Will try to load video so you can see, or at very least will post some photos.

When you come to this establishment you should not expect an inviting atmosphere, the servers will literally throw your food on the table. I can ignore bad service in some Asian places because they aren't known for their hospitality and I'm there mainly for the food. That being said, I got their spicy broth and their all you can eat deal for $20. All of the meat was frozen but I'm not too picky so that was just fine for me. Their broth was flavorful and nice and spicy. They have a good selection of veggies and meat for you to order, I especially enjoyed the mushrooms they offer. I left this place full and content, which is all you can ask for when you want a hot pot experience. Also, stop by POM next door and get your own chili-oil because theirs isn't the best (kind of bland, actually).

We arrived at Aki Sunday afternoon, around 2:30PM. Aki was pretty busy but we were seated immediately. It is primarily 2 long rows of tables for four, and booth seating along one side. It does kinda feel like communal seating but wasn't that bad; plenty of room in our section with 3 of us dining. Service - quick, efficient. Order was taken and food came out within 5 minutes. Note, you put your table's selection on one order form. Servers were overall friendly, filled our water regularly, and checked in appropriately; when we needed anything, we easily flagged down a server and got what was needed. Food - AYCE for $19.99 ea. No vegetarian broth options which was a little disappointing. For vegetarians, you get boiling water but can use the sauce bar to create your own flavor base. Spicy broth was not real spicy but did have hints of Szechuan peppercorns. Beef broth was like a decent beef, Pho broth. Neither broth was overly rich with flavor, but they also weren't laden with salt which is appreciated. We order a selection of proteins - the fatty beef, lamb, shrimp, calamari, clams and mussel. Also got a nice selection of veggies like bok choy, watercress, and enoki mushroom. Portions for meats and seafood was a little hard to figure out. We ordered 2-3 portions of each meat. Seafood portions were maybe 2 shimp per, 1 clam per, calamari was a pretty generous portion and we ordered 2 portions. Calamari was really tender. The clams were large, one clam per portion. Being that big, clams had a little grit in them. Also got some Udon noodles which were great with a nice chew; let it sit in the broth after cooking everything else and it is very flavorful. You each have an individual hot pot so you can control how hot to maintain it; I like mine at a molten max setting of 5 (which I paid for when eating the tofu and scorched my tongue...but that's ok!). Sauce bar is really where you can personalize flavors to your liking. The bar has ingredients like hot chili oil, fish sauce, sweet chile sauce, satay, sesame sauce, siracha, cilantro and garlic. I recommend they more clearly label each condiment in the sauce bar; it was hard to read some of the labels. Anyway, you can mix and match and make your own concoction. I used the sesame sauce as a base and added flavors from there....and a lot of hot oil! Cook your ingredients to your liking and dip away. Bottom line, it was a very enjoyable meal. Didn't feel rushed at all, but it helped that the restaurant slowed down shortly after we arrived. Meat quality was good and the seafood and produce were fresh. Base broths were good, but make a dipping sauce combination that enhances flavors, then cook food to your desired temp/consistency. Meats are cut very thin, but if overcooked, can get a little chewy. Wrap up a great meal with the included serving of Blue Bunny Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry ice cream. About $68 for 3. Might seem a little pricey at first but consider it is AYCE, including meats and seafood, so really not bad.

I did the AYCE on a Saturday night and it was packed!!! It took almost an hour for a table and the food was pretty good. I had the hot and spicy broth and it's really like hot sauce in boiling water which imho is the only downside but I can't judge the other soup base because I hadn't tried it. However, service was fast once you get a table and all the food you ordered will come out quick. There was a table where you get to make your own sauce and honestly I just feel if the soup base was good enough then there's no need for a sauce but that's just my opinion. I'd still recommend people to try it out if they never had hot pot before and enjoy the experience.

I read the reviews before coming here, so I kind of expected what the service would be like. The host was very nice and accommodated a group of three right away. We received two sheets thinking one per person so grabbed another one, but I guess we were only supposed to fill out one per table? I've never been here so I wasn't sure what to expect. The server made it obvious that she was frustrated when we handed her three sheets and rolled her eyes, lol, so we redid the order to one sheet, no big deal. Luckily, we got everything we ordered. Food was great, meats and seafood tasted great. A different server came by asking to refill our broths often, water was always filled. I opted for the hot and spicy broth which is the perfect amount of spiciness. The sauce bar was a bit messy, could do a better job at keeping it maintained. Would I come here again? Probably. It was worth the $17-18 bucks. Price and food outweigh the service, luckily we did not have too bad of an experience as others did on here.

This place is soooo good. I've seriously been in like five times since I first heard about it three weeks ago. I love the spicy broth even though it is super spicy but it's just so good. And you can add more broth to it as you go. Which is so nice. So you never will be out of broth. They have a nice variety of options. I think my favorite part is the fact that it's individual pots so you aren't fighting over what goes in the pot with your friends. And you can pick the different broths. The quality of the meat is really good to, my favorite is the pork belly. The portions of the vegetables are huge. I usually just get a basket of spinach, bok choy and cabbage that usually lasts the whole time at our time. We may order another round of spinach and bok choy. I definitely recommend trying the Korean rice cakes too. Such an interesting texture. They are super busy. I've waited an hour before for a table but definitely worth it. I've brought my family in and they definitely weren't disappointed. With it being busy, service can be slow but they servers are pretty good at checking in on you. I've never had an issue. Definitely will be back and all you can eat for $20! Count me in!

This place is pretty great for an all you can eat hot pot. I like that you can make your own sauce. I like to make mines a mix of sesame and peanut flavor. The only down side was that the portions were always different. The first time, the noodles were half a plate. The second time, it was a giant plate of noodles. I wish the fish balls were listed with how much it comes per serving on the menu instead of just checking it.

Individual hot pots and AYCE for only $18?! It's a steal. I've been here twice and both times I've walked out happy and stuffed. Per recommendations from friends, I ordered the spicy broth, which definitely has a kick to it. The selections of protein, seafood, and veggies are great. They offer everything that you'd need for a hot pot meal. They also have a sauce bar where you can make your own sauce, which is neat and really caters to everyone's specific likings. Service is kinda slow, I'm not sure if it's because both times I've been in, it's super busy. They also offer free ice cream, which is a nice finish to the meal.

We've been dying to try this place out and finally got a chance to! It is all you can eat and there was such a big variety of items to choose from. We've had plenty of friends been there before and told us the gist of it. But if they didn't, we'd be so lost and confused on what we were doing. There is a sauce station with also many flavors available to you. I got the hot broth and added more chili oil to it! The only thing that bothered me about the broth was that I kept getting the seeds of the seasoning in the broth, like they gave me the bottom of the pot. The brother however, did stay hot the whole time and you can adjust it as well. Would recommend when you're starving and want a lot to eat.

This is the best hot pot restaurant in Denver by far. It's $18 all you can eat for lunch and dinner. The amount of food I would eat at any other hot pot restaurant would be three times if not four times more expensive. The cuts of meats are thick and of good quality. I usually order 2 or 3 servings of beef and lamb. The vegetables (mushrooms, spinach, cabbage) are fresh and plentiful. The shrimp, clams, and fish balls are also very tasty choices. The fish tofu is my personal favorite. And most importantly, choosing the right broth can make or break your experience at hot pot. If you're a super spicy fanatic then go for the hot chili broth, but if you're looking for something more mild then get the beef bone broth or a mild version of the hot broth. The atmosphere is very inviting, and the music is culturally appropriate for the setting. Check them out!

This place is amazing! Individual Chinese Hot Pot, all-you-can-eat for about $20. The servers are very friendly, although they are also very busy. I prefer the herbal broth, but the beef broth and the spicy broth are also delicious. The menu selection is really good. A couple of my favorites are the fish balls, bean curd sheets and sticks, kelp knots, mussels, clams, and lamb. You can even order pork blood tofu. It's not for everyone, but it is definitely an authentic hot pot option. The sauce station is impressive. All the fresh chopped garlic, cilantro, and green onions you could ask for. Asian BBQ sauce, which is typical of the hot pot experience, and plenty of hot sauce choices. To top it all off, you also get a cup of Blue Bunny ice cream at the end of the meal. I don't know how this place charges less than $20 given the extensive menu, but I am so glad they do. I absolutely love this place, and I hope my fellow Yelpers do, too.

We usually do hot pot at home so this was a great treat with plenty of options in meats and veggies. They even had giant clams and ice cream in the end. For the price, it's a great value for the quantity and food variety. It gets busy quickly so plan ahead.

Went to Aki for the first time last night with a group of friends. The price is great for all you can eat- it came to $23/ person and that included sodas. Unlike other hot pots, this place each person gets their own hot pot. The beef bone broth was rich but needed salt. They provide a bunch of sauces one can add to their broth- I recommend the chili oil and house sauce. They have a wide variety of meats, seafood and vegetables. The seafood is incredibly fresh. We ordered for the table, brisket, pork belly, mussels, clams, shrimp, fish balls, fish cake, rice cake, udon noodles, cabbage, baby bok choy, sweet corn, mushrooms, and tofu. The spread also comes with fresh garlic, scallions and cilantro. Everything was delicious. The only downside is this place is very popular and so we felt like wait staff was rushing us- even though hot pot is a slow food.

Came in for lunch, and I definitely enjoyed it. They have all you can eat for 18 bucks a person, which was a steal! When seated, you are given a small plate, a small bowl (for your dipping sauce), chopsticks and an Asian soup spoon. Each table has multiple individual stove tops. We sat at a booth against the table which had four stove tops. There are long tables in the middle of the restaurant (almost similar to communal seating) to fit a larger party. The stove tops each have their own control, in which customers can easily adjust the heat to their own stove. The all you can eat sheet offers selections for broth, meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles. You are able to mark the "quantity" of each selection, which I would say one quantity is a modest one serving. You're allowed to ask for another sheet later on, of course for additional orders. We finished all our food, so I'm unsure if they charge you for any uneaten food. Also, I always eat my hotpot with rice, so we asked for two small bowls of rice in which they brought out (the size of the sauce bowls). So just a tip if you like rice with yours, you're allowed to ask for it. I ordered the beef broth and my boyfriend ordered the spicy broth. Personally, I thought mine was a bit bland, which is probably My only complaint. But either way I wasn't really that bothered by it, since I don't drink the entire broth by itself (though maybe if it tasted more flavorful I would in the end). I also tried to add some sauces to my broth to liven it up. My boyfriend says his was very spicy and flavorful and he was happy to find a place that met his spicy needs. For meats, we ordered fatty beef slices, fatty lamb slices, and pork belly slices. They bring them out nicely sliced and rolled on plates. We ordered some veggies and other things, and everything was presented nicely. Though they brought out a basket of some vegetable leaves that we didn't know what they were, but looking at other people's tables I just assumed these leaves were like a standard with everyone's meals. At the end of the meal they brought out mini individually sized Blue Bunny ice cream cartons for each person, included with the meal! They had chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla when I went. They had a "condiment bar" where you go to make your own sauces. It's hard to see at first and no one explained to us that we go over there to make our own sauces. I only knew it was there because I heard from my cousin who went before I had. You bring your sauce bowl over (they also have extras at the bar) and they have a moderate selection of sauces and things. They had soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, hot oil, peanut sauce, a house sauce, etc. It also had green onions, and other small "toppings" to your sauces. It was near to me because I had not yet been to any hot pot place that had you create your own sauce with no guidance. So it was a bit of an experiment! You can make as many sauces as you like to bring back to your seat. Everything tasted great, their vegetables were fresh! Their meats tasted as you would expect of any hot pot/shabu place. They don't have like ribeye or anything, but from the meats that we ordered, I really enjoyed the taste of them. The meats had a nice color, the kind you can tell the quality isn't awful. Their service was pretty good, with the waitresses being on top of it! I honestly was pretty impressed, especially because we don't have any specialized hot pot places in Denver. Definitely see myself going pretty often.

I mean, who can resist an all you can eat for $18 that INCLUDES shrimp, clams, mussels and all the meats?! Cool thing about Aki is that it's not a shared hotpot instead you get to select your own broth and set your burner setting on your own stove top! Not going to lie - I walked out with my tongue a little burnt but ehy it was too good to wait for my food to cool off from the scorching soup but not to worry, they serve ice cream at the end of the dinner service to help with your burnt tongue :P

Huge menu, lots to choose from! Fast service, lots of self-serve condiments! Nice venue and $18 AYCE hot pot?! Amazing. They just opened up a month ago, too! AND you get your own, individual hot pot! Would definitely come back.

Although it would seem to make more sense to eat it in cold or inclement weather, I'm the type of person who enjoys a nice steaming hotpot when it's 90 degrees outside too. So I'm just wild about Aki Asian Hot Pot in Aurora. For those who may not be familiar with the concept of Chinese-style hotpot, Aki is a great place to start. "But how does it all work?", you ask. Well, let me fill you in. Once you've sat down and gotten situated, you will be presented with a paper menu and asked to choose a broth in which you will cook all the ingredients for your chosen meal. Your options in this regard are plentiful and varied. Those wanting something a little zesty will get a kick (pun intended) out of the "Hot-Spicy" (Ma La) broth which gets its flavor both from red chiles and tongue-tingling Sichuan peppercorns. But if you're seeking a somewhat mellower experience, you won't be let down with their restorative herbal broth, or even one with a beef-bone base (with or without corn). Then, it's time to choose your "cookables" - and Aki lets you try as many as you can physically stuff in! At Aki, you have a wide array of possible things to put into your pot of broth once it arrives at your table (where it will continue to simmer on the burner in front of you throughout your meal - feel free to adjust the heat). Possible proteins include pork belly, chicken, sliced lamb, beef tripe (two different stomachs!), shrimp, cuttlefish balls, and littleneck clams. Your veggie and "etc." options are also numerous - Tang Ho (chrysanthemum greens), AA Choy (Taiwanese lettuce), winter melon, oyster mushrooms, sticky rice-cakes and several types of tofu are all on offer for example. Just plop things in the pot shortly before you want to eat them, remove when done, and enjoy! PS For even more flavor, a trip to the sauce bar at the back of Aki is strongly recommended - everything tastes better with a little sesame, garlic-flower, or Sa Cha (Chinese BBQ) sauce. Mmmmmmm

This is the restaurant for you if you: 1. like fondue type of dinning experience 2. have keen sense of knowing when your meat/veggie is perfectly cooked 3. have a large capacity stomach 4. have saucery (an ability to concoct delicious sauce out of the sauce bar) 5. are not fazed by the judgmental glares of the wait staff as you ask for more food If you don't check all the above qualifiers then you may have an experience like I did where I: 1. found the hot & spicy broth to be bland (until the end of the meal - by then the broth had all the delicious juices from veggies & meats it had cooked.. but then I was too full to enjoy the soup) 2. am a terrible cook who doesn't know how long to keep the meat in the broth - thus all the meats were tough & rubbery 3. cursed my stomach for not letting me stuff more tough & rubbery meats to eat $20 worth of food 4. have absolutely no saucery 5. felt super judged, asking for a second sheet of order paper - in fact, I was told by a waitress that the second order sheet was the only additional one we could have. Also I was told that they were out of beef initially, yet they still brought a plate of it and saw other tables getting them so no idea what that was about. So all in all, the experience was funnish but due to my inapt cooking & saucery skills, what I ate weren't all that good and I left the place full but not all that satisfied, and feeling like a little piggy.

My friend took me here and I think I am going to go back. We ordered the hot and spicy broth. It was very flavorful. It's $18 for AYCE and you have individual hot pot . Their portion is very big. We ordered lamb beef and fish . their veggies are very fresh. Service was great. They keep coming back to check on you to make sure everything is okay and they kept putting more soup for our pot - We will come back.

This place was pretty busy for a Friday night at 8:30. For a party of six we were quoted 30 min. But the server was super apologetic and kept us updated on when we would be seated. The hotpot itself tasted savory and fresh at only $19.99 for All You Can Eat! I chose the basic bone broth, big mistake since it wasn't as flavorful as expected. But there was a sauce bar in the back to enhance and customize your own flavors. The service was quick and it was easy to put in more orders for food!

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