LETTERS: Through the smoke and mirrors; still good people in the world

Recent letters to the editor from Gazette readers.

After spending a beautiful New Year's weekend in the mountains here in Colorado, I return to read Marc Dion's opinion in The Gazette dated Jan. 1. First, I take offense to Marc calling the president a wife beater and second his assumption that Americans were intoxicated when we voted for Donald Trump for president.

Americans have learned that the left is wrong for America. Americans are wise to the tricks used by the left. Americans can see through the smoke and around the mirrors. Then leftists like Dion babble on about President Trump.

Incompetent politicians such as Nancy Pelosi open their mouth and talk: "We must pass this bill in order to know what is in it", and biased reporting that comes from CNN and the New York Times. There's a fake Russian report that was bought and paid for by enemies of the American people.

Americans can see that the Democrat party has been infested with communism, fascists, socialists, and racists.

The left always wants to change the system when they lose.

Jeff Snow - Colorado Springs

The politics of the extremes

Not surprisingly, a large majority of the letters to the editor are written by people with strong or extreme views. In some, you don't have to read too carefully between the lines to see the anger and vitriol. Moderation and compromise are not a common theme. A case in point might be the recent exchanges between opposing opinions about Walker Stapleton and PERA. Michael Merrifield obviously doesn't agree with Walker Stapleton's assessment of PERA, and the pursuant letter from Dennis Modlin totally disagrees with Merrifield.

Modlin clearly shows his prejudiced, negative view of state employees via his comment, "bureaucrats never go away". He also insinuates that believing Merrifield may be problematic because "he is a politician." Well, Walker Stapleton is a politician, too.

Too many people let their biases and preconceived notions get in the way of clear and objective consideration of issues - usually without an understanding of all the facts. When two people present extremely opposing political opinions, the truth usually lies somewhere between the extremes.

Our nation is suffering from politics of the extremes. Let us hope and pray that in this New Year we can start to come together to create an atmosphere of compromise, understanding, mutual respect and objective thought.

Charles Loeffler - Monument

A government ban is unwise

Germany Electric Cars

There have been a couple of Pro-Con pieces in The Gazette editorial pages recently about electric vehicles - most recently, whether government ought to ban gas and diesel vehicles. None so far have touched on what seems to me to be a Pachyderm in the Parlor.

A tremendous amount of energy comes from gasoline and diesel to move people, goods and services. By the numbers I've been able to research, the equivalent of 5.6 trillion kilowatt-hours of energy in 2016. The output of the U.S. electrical grid for that year was only 4 trillion kWh. Even factoring the increased efficiency of electrics, we'd need to grow electricity production by nearly 50 percent before we could get all fuel vehicles off the roads. And that's only for today's transportation needs.

General Electric CEO

Before huge transitions from fossil fuel burning vehicles occur, there must be major upgrade and expansion to the grid. That's why a government ban is unwise; this is a co-evolutionary problem. And it is going to be costly. Research at University of Texas, Austin, recently concluded replacing our current aging grid would cost almost $5 trillion and "just maintaining what we have will cost hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars over the next decade."

Even under the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, the majority of electricity was to be from fossil fuel burning until around 2040. So, it seems that for a long time to come, even electric vehicles must continue to be primarily powered by fossil fuels.

H. Wayne Hall - Colorado Springs

Diesel fuel has to be refined

Germany DieselThe exhaust pipes of a VW Diesel car are photographed in Frankfurt, Germany, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017. German auto bosses, ministers and state governors are considering how to reduce diesel emissions as drivers face the threat of possible bans on driving older diesel cars in some cities. A meeting Wednesday at the Transport Ministry is to bring together leading politicians with bosses from Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Opel and Ford. (AP Photo/Michael Probst) 

I heartily agree with Eric Peters (Pro/Con: Should the Fed ban diesel and gas powered autos? December 30) when he says Americans should be free to choose any kind of car that fits their needs, but he presents one fact that is wrong. Peters writes " . diesel engines ... of course, emit nothing at the smokestack." This is not true. Diesel fuel, along with unleaded gasoline, jet fuel and other liquids, is made by processing crude oil in refineries, which produce plenty of smokestack emissions.

A visit to any oil refinery will confirm this.

John Rohde - Colorado Springs

Still good people in our world

What a nice way to end 2017. There are still good people in our world.

BEST OF THE SPRINGSBed Bath & Beyond on Friday, March 20, 2015. Michael Ciaglo, The Gazette 

My prescription glasses had apparently fallen out of my purse while I was leaving Bed, Bath & Beyond on Thursday (Dec. 28). After frantically checking my car, I left a description and my phone number with the customer service desk personnel, who called me late Friday afternoon.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the nice person who found the glasses and turned them in and another grateful thank you to the personnel at Bed, Bath & Beyond for taking the time to call me. May both of you know your thoughtfulness is appreciated and may you have a bountiful New Year.

Tina Routhier - Colorado Springs

Local station that cared

Kudos to the local Fox news station - who seemed to be the only local station who cares on New Year's Eve - they gave us current coverage as one of our state's deputies was killed and several others wounded, yet the other local stations had football games on as they were more important to their viewing schedule than what is happening in the local area.

Shame on you, CBS-NBC-ABC local affiliates.

Anne Weekley - Cañon City

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