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Somabar Robotic Bartender Somabar is the world's first automated craft cocktail appliance created for the home kitchen. Preorder on our website. . Share this ...

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RT @Somabar: #Forecasting is a necessary part of any restaurateur's job. If you fail to create quality projections, you will find yourself…

@Somabar Can you forecast when these things are ever going to ship for those of us who ordered them over 3 years ago

#Forecasting is a necessary part of any restaurateur's job. If you fail to create quality projections, you will fi… 

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Convergent Media and Privacy Convergent Media and Privacy
Published by Springer 2015
ISBN 9781137306876,1137306874
199 pages
Cerebral Cortex Cerebral Cortex
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2013
ISBN 9781461566168,1461566169
478 pages
Third World Third World
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Somabar Snags $1.5M For Robotic Bartender -

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Somabar Snags $1. 5M For Robotic Bartender Los Angeles-based Somabar , which is developing a robotic bartender which automatically mixes cocktails for you, has raised $1. 5M in a bridge funding round, according to lead investor the Tech Coast... The TCA said that the round also included members of the Harvard Business School Angels and the Duke University Angel Network, as well as local private equity fund rainforest.


SoMa Bar Owner Declares SF A Happy Hour Town, Late-Night Drinking Dead - SFist

Inside Bloodhound, patrons will find rich wood paneling and soft Edison-blub lighting, as well as overstuffed leather chairs and pool tables awaiting some friendly competition. The bar’s no-nonsense hunting-lodge theme aligns with the noble name of this classic establishment. “The name Bloodhound evokes the expectation of hunting, outdoors and rustic feel without really bringing to mind the actual dog, a bloodhound,” says Bloodhound’s co-founder John Ottman “I like to think it subconsciously prepares you for what’s... Ottman also observed to Hoodline that in his SoMa environs, "A lot of restaurants have closed. So, what's going on here: Is there something specific happening on Bloodhound's strip on Folsom. I, for one, find it not so surprising to hear that a bar in SoMa — that Bloodhound in particular — is.


9 futuristic ways food tech will make your life better (and weirder)

Bought a six-pack? Burned a pork chop? Wrote out an actual list of groceries? Not for much longer. These kitchen innovations show you where the future of home cooking is headed.Your bedside alarm clock will brew pour-over coffeeLooking like a glass-beaker science set that’s been run through a Scandinavian-design Snapchat filter, the Barisieur reduces the time between “opening eyes” and “consuming caffeine” to practically zero. The contraption uses induction heat and steam pressure to brew...

Tech Coast Angels Elects Christopher Hameetman Chairman of the TCA Network

An art history major who grew up on the Westside now sees incredible beauty in startups.Christopher Hameetman has, in recent years, served as president of the Los Angeles Network of Tech Coast Angels (TCA).  TCA has several chapters spanning Southern California, and, starting this January, Hameetman will serve as chairman of the entire organization.Chris Hameetman of Tech Coast Angels stand in front of some “Somabar” units.Angels invest in early-stage companies.  Though many of...

CSQ LA Visionaries Summit 2017

Los Angeles' brightest minds and entrepreneurs from across industry come together to discuss the sustainable growth of Los Angeles. Connect. Educate. Inspire. LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 4, 2017 ( - For the fourth consecutive year, C-Suite Quarterly is hosting the Los Angeles Visionaries Summit – on Friday October 6, 2017 – bringing together industry and thought leaders from across the region for introspective and informed discussions surrounding...

This New Keurig For Alcohol Is Adulting Done RIGHT

Adding this to my wishlist ASAP. I'm the kind of person who's dreamed of living in a smart house ever since I saw the Disney Channel movie, "Smart House." The idea of having all the monotonous chores and to-dos of my daily life automated and done without me having to lift a finger is so exciting it's almost erotic. Almost. And lucky for me, I'm growing up in a world that's slowly inching towards making that dream a reality. While we still don't have an...