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Bionic Bar! Robotic Bartenders Mix Drinks on Quantum of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

Robotic bartenders mix up your drinks at the Bionic Bar on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas cruise ship!

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Meet the robot that learned how to skate on ice #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #love #boston #marriage… 

Robot cocktail maker V's a real bartender. Who do you think will win?  #robotic #technology 

@TepidP @HahaDABO @dying_robot Certain places where bars exist could go towards automation, but I don’t think those… 

@philkid3 @dying_robot @TepidP Yuck. I’m a career bartender. I might be out of a career.

The robot bartender that's great at parties 

Dialogues with Social Robots Dialogues with Social Robots
Published by Springer 2016
ISBN 9789811025853,9811025851
489 pages
The Routledge Companion to Latina/o Popular Culture The Routledge Companion to Latina/o Popular Culture
Published by Routledge 2016
ISBN 9781317268208,1317268202
464 pages
Raising the Floor Raising the Floor
Published by PublicAffairs 2016
ISBN 9781610396264,161039626X
272 pages
e-Jeanne: 2004 (Part Two: July through December) e-Jeanne: 2004 (Part Two: July through December)
Published by
ISBN 9781300759867,1300759860

Robotic Chefs Are Getting Better—If You Like Fast Food - MIT Technology Review

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Crack Each Other Up in Passengers Blooper Reel - TVOvermind

robot bartender barbot2013 Photo by jaundicedferret on Flickr

If anything they give us a truer sense of the actors because the moment are spontaneous giving a real depiction of their sense of humor. While the film itself was considered a disappointment that doesn’t mean its stars didn’t have a blast filming. The outtakes, posted by Buzzfeed Entertainment, feature Lawrence, Pratt and their co-stars Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne, cracking each other up with intergalactic screw-ups, spilled drinks, robot bartender mishaps, prop malfunctions,...


Royal Caribbean is making a big bet on technology

What I saw inside the goggles was the inside of a Japanese tea house with traditionally decorated paper walls. A soothing female voice in the headphones explained that I was about to be transported.In front of me, a waiter set down a tray containing three morsels of food. It was basically sushi, but I didn’t know that; all I could see was three glowing, sparkly colorful orbs—and my own hands, represented as silhouettes.When the soothing voice gave me the go-ahead, I picked up the first orb...

Flashback Friday: The scientifically-proven method for getting your bartender’s attention.

Photo:flickr/Petras GagilasWe’ve all been there: waiting at the bar, dying for a drink, but unable to catch the bartender’s attention. It’s easy to assume that we are being served (or rather, ignored) by a crappy bartender. But maybe it’s us. Maybe we’re the ones not giving the right signals that say “Beer me! Now!”. This is actually the best-case scenario, because it’s fixable, and these German scientists are here to help (and, eventually, to build a bartending robot). To determine the best...

High seas high tech: How the cruise industry is innovating

In the old days, high tech and a cruise didn’t go together. Cruises were a throwback to a time past, with formal dining and postcards rather than smartphones and video games.No longer.The cruise industry is enhancing guests’ personal experience with high tech. With these innovations, guests have their choice. They can be as up-to-date as they like, accessing wifi and social media as they sail, or as old-school as they want or a mix. Most crucially, though, the high-tech devices and...

Lange Nacht der Lehrlinge bei GE war Erfolg – mit VIDEO

Bessere Werbung gibt's nicht: GE Jenbacher öffnete die Tore ihrer Lehrwerkstatt zur "Langen Nacht der Lehrlinge".JENBACH (dkh). "Wir geben Gas" ist das Motto der Lehrlinge von GE Jenbacher. Dieses Motto haben sich kürzlich bei ihrer Langen Nacht der Lehrlinge beeindruckend unter Beweis gestellt. Interessierte Jugendliche, die gerade dabei sind, eine Entscheidung über die zukünftige Ausbildung zu fällen, konnten mit ihren Eltern die Lehrwerkstatt in Jenbach besichtigen. Geboten wurde dabei so...