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Side by side refrigerator reviews & ratings | Buy side-by-side fridge freezers online Side by side refrigerator reviews & ratings | Buy side-by-side fridge freezers online dimensions, no ice maker, without ice maker, ...

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Hisense RS696N4II1 Fridge-Freezer Hisense has a habit of upsetting the apple-cart with great-looking, extremely well-specified domestic appliances at budget prices. Enter the RS696N4II1 fully featured side-by-side fridge freezer with ice/water dispenser and stainless-steel finish [...]

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Greene County restaurant inspections Observed: No test strips for chlorine or quat. ammonia sanitizer. Required: A test kit that accurately measures the concentration of sanitizing solutions must be provided. Observed: No thin probed thermometer for cooks use. Required: A small diameter [...]

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Decor trends that should not see the light of January 2018 We became more aware of what a good space needs to feel like and more people embraced DIY. While we do not advocate for buying new home items every season, some trends however should not see the light of January 2018. ALSO READ: 8 things to look for [...]

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Restaurant inspections Observed wiping cloths stored in non-sanitizing solution in sink by drink dispenser . Observed employee mixing chicken in flour in a bowl on top of trash can. Critical: observed ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler that were not properly date marked [...]

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vacation pool costarica riupalacecostarica Photo by churl on Flickr

One night a couple of months ago our refrigerator leaked a little bit of water onto the kitchen floor. The water would leak out into the ice cube storage bin rather than going into the ice cube maker, making a solid frozen block and jamming the dispenser. Occasionally water would run out of the icemaker, down the front of the fridge, onto the floor. Water had been seeping all night through the kitchen floor to form a couple of big pools in the basement. So we set the ice cube sensor to “off,” turned off as best we could the flimsy shutoff valve in the refrigerator water line, and contemplated our next move. After checking the internet and a couple of stores, we determined what we wanted as a replacement: a GE model with “French doors” and an ice and water dispenser.

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Aging in Place: Tips for Choosing Senior-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

Home-cooked meals are one of my favorite parts of visiting my older parents. However, knowing they’re doing all that cooking also makes me worry. Kitchens can be dangerous places for older adults, but my parents like to serve family favorites and want to eat the same foods they’ve always enjoyed. And while dining out occasionally is a treat for them, going to a restaurant every night is a chore.Luckily, you can help your older loved one continue to enjoy worry-free cooking at home by...

Is YOUR fridge right for you? Experts reveal everything you need to know - from the correct temperature setting and finish to the purpose of each compartment

CHOICE has looked into different types of fridges and their features  They highlighted what those buying a fridge should look out for  They also explained the purpose of different features and compartments By Laura House For Daily Mail AustraliaPublished: 00:44 EDT, 25 October 2017 | Updated: 07:38 EDT, 25 October 2017 Despite being a staple appliance in households across Australia, many homeowners are still unsure of what to look for when buying a new fridge. And...

A great divide over refrigerators

In the world of refrigeration, there are the side-by-side people and the over-and-under people.Each group has distinct opinions about why one model is better than the other. Some homeowners can't live without the water dispenser on the door of the side-by-side. Others prepare lots of food for entertaining and prefer the wider refrigerator shelves on the over-and-under models.Deciding between a side-by-side model -- with the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other -- and the...

Introducing the Innovative, Energy Efficient, Full LED 2012 Lineup of GE Side-By-Side Refrigerators

BRUSSELS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The new 2012 lineup of GE side-by-side refrigerators offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy the latest technology and advanced options for preserving foods yet still save money on their energy bills. American designed in Louisville, Kentucky, the entire new lineup of side by side refrigerators includes an impressive array of energy saving features. All models are rated “A+” energy which means on average 20% more...