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PepPod Nutrient Rich, Sugar Free Electrolyte Energy Drink Mix Pod Tube, Citrus, 10 Count $15.99

PepPod Nutrient Rich, Sugar Free Electrolyte Energy Drink Mix Pod Tube, Citrus, 10 Count

Save 8%
Brica Drink Pod, Blue/Grey $11.99

Brica Drink Pod, Blue/Grey

VitaCup Top Rated Coffee Cups Infused With Essential Vitamins B12, B9, B6, B5, B1, D3 in Single Serve Keurig Compatible K Pods (French Vanilla, 16) $24.99

VitaCup Top Rated Coffee Cups Infused With Essential Vitamins B12, B9, B6, B5, B1, D3 in Single...

Keurig K-Cup Pods Dash Button $4.99

Keurig K-Cup Pods Dash Button

Pods: Wildflowers and Weeds in Their Final Beauty (Scribner Library) $30.00

Pods: Wildflowers and Weeds in Their Final Beauty (Scribner Library)

36 Flavored drinks mixed pods compatible with VERISMO system $20.00

36 Flavored drinks mixed pods compatible with VERISMO system

Brica Deluxe Snack Pod, Blue/Grey $12.99

Brica Deluxe Snack Pod, Blue/Grey

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods, Light Roast Coffee, 72 Count (6 Boxes of 12 Pods) $34.51

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods, Light Roast...


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Pod-Life: 3 Brands Banking on Pod Drinks

Keurig just bought Krispy Kreme, the ultimate example of donuts dissolving into coffee. These days we are experiencing the "Keurig-ificaction" of our whole ...

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[02/12/18, via ]
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Eater [01/19/18, via Eater]
Restaurants Are Serving Up Edible Tide Pod Lookalikes But some other businesses are looking to capitalize on the bizarre trend that's worked America into a spring meadow-scented froth: Much like they did with the (somewhat less deadly) Pokémon Go craze, a number of restaurants are now serving Tide pod [...]

lehighvalleylive.com [01/22/18, via lehighvalleylive.com]
This local bar made a 'Tide Pod Challenge' shot and Facebook censored it A picture of the drink at Molly's went viral on Friday, and manager Mary Fleming said the bar has sold hundreds of the shots since first introducing them as a special for Thursday night trivia. But not everyone has been raising a toast. In response to [...]

CNET [01/29/18, via CNET]
This machine makes new Nespresso coffee pods at home Its $299 (converts to about £210, AU$370) Revo capsule maker fills reusable Nespresso-style pods with whole bean coffee that it grinds itself. There are clear potential upsides to this approach: The first would be reduced cost, since whole beans are [...]

The Independent [01/19/18, via The Independent]
6 best pod coffee machines The slim, rounded design means a machine that can live permanently on most kitchen counters, and the water tank can be rotated to fit the space. Those keen on cappuccinos and lattes will need to froth their own milk, or buy Nespresso's Aeroccino+ milk [...]

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@Fontainebleau But what happens if you dont have $1000 for a room & board, $750 for some bottle drinks, $1000 for a… t.co/tWE6FUFisS 

A sea of pod merch and nerdy enough people to be at a podcast recording on a Saturday night. We might be the MVPs… t.co/reQTGSjJUu 

@djrothkopf Suggest an episode dedicated at laughing at and debunking and even more fun—satirically inflaming… t.co/XyEMuSyKrP 

In which @silagh drinks the Tide Pod shot at Molly's. t.co/Nsl11FahMW 

Rum Drinks Rum Drinks
Published by Chronicle Books 2013
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168 pages
The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2015
ISBN 9780544373396,0544373391
288 pages
Drinks Drinks
Published by Random House 2014
ISBN 9781448118236,1448118239
224 pages
Juicy Drinks Juicy Drinks
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A Secret Garden (Cocktail) Grows at The Cosmopolitan - Vegas Seven

sea beach photoshop canon sand rocks stones cliffs boulders wrecks lightroom saltwickbay saltwicknab northyorkshireyorkshirecoast Photo by HJSP82 on Flickr

The Botanist (market price) arrives in its constituent components on a slate and comes with directions: First, drop the proffered passion fruit strawberry tea pod into the provided kettle of hot water and cover. Next, strain the tea into a separate glass to stop the brewing process, lest the tea should turn bitter. (Pro tip: Keep the pod in cold water and you can get a few more brews out of it within 24 hours. Finally, top the cocktail with the cooled tea to taste. You’ll get about 1. 5 drinks out of this one, plus a little tea to try on its own. School’s in session—go with it. The final result is a long, cool, easy-drinking delight.

[via vegasseven.com]

Are all sugars created equally? No. - The Cluster

bag geek gear whatsinmybag contents snapper unpack hunt sorting mesh|net wimb Photo by mangee on Flickr

Sugar has been ingrained in the American diet for ages. We add it to tea, our coffee, our low-fat yogurt and cereal because things just aren’t sweet enough for us. Let’s face it, Americans are obsessed with sugar. In fact, back when people thought only fat made you fat, the candy businesses were laughing in our faces. little did we know that a diet littered with sweet tea and ice cream can still invoke weight gain, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s and of course diabetes, according to MayoClinic. That’s when we get into the fields of natural and artificial sugars. Artificial sugars are the added sugars used in foods and drinks. If sugar is listed as an ingredient, it is added in and not natural.

[via mercercluster.com]

[03/13/17, via byrdie.co.uk]
The Trendy New Anti-Ageing Beverage That Also Tackles Bloating Pod, a small health food chain ... the golden latte company almost single-handedly fueling our appetites for the drink. You can buy pouches of the original, chai and cacao blends on its website, but they are also the brand used to create the turmeric ... [...]

[03/11/17, via Zee News]
Healthy drinks: This summer, treat your kid with these amazing popsicles Which is why this popsicle recipe brings back memories of summer holidays with such a bang! Boil about a dozen fresh tamarind pods with some sugar and water for about 20 minutes. Once cooled, puree the tamarind mixture and strain through a sieve ... [...]

[03/11/17, via San Diego Magazine]
The Show About Shows Podcast #6: 'Sex with Strangers' Here you'll find all recent episodes. Happy Half Hour is a weekly chat on San Diego's most buzzy drinking and dining news, featuring prominent industry guests, new openings, and the best things to eat and drink right now. Hosted by Troy Johnson ... [...]

[03/11/17, via The Independent]
Food waste and excessive packaging: What about wrapping up food in beeswax? That’s the impossible dream a number of research facilities are currently working on. Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine has developed an egg-like ‘pod’ made of caramelised sugar designed to hold liquids such as oil and sauce. Once it’s empty ... [...]

[03/10/17, via National Post]
‘Every drink imbibed in the air equals three on the ground’: The art of drinking and flying Other major trends include stocking business and first class pods with personal minibars and cocktail lists that go above and beyond the standard ho-hum rum and coke. If you’re looking for unique drinks, Cathay Pacific brews its own craft beer for U.K ... [...]

This Colonel Sanders Pod Is the Weirdest Place to Eat Fried Chicken

This holiday season, all it will take to detox from the barrage of insipid trolling and inane content splattered across the web is a $10,000 digital escape pod from Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Yes, for roughly the price of a new mid-sized sedan, you can enter the warm embrace of seclusion from the online chaos with KFC's Internet Escape Pod, which comfortably fits "four adults and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken," according to...

The 12 drinks of Christmas - Top tipples for the festive season

Drinks enthusiast Bill Linnane shares his top tipples for the festive season, from craft beer to hard coffeeWhen it comes to drink culture, few countries do it better thank our little nation. The last two decades have seen us spread our wings, with an explosion of craft breweries, distilleries, even wineries. With all that we have to offer, this season of feasting is as good an excuse as any to celebrate our remarkable skill at making excellent booze.1. Craft beerThe biggest...

Tide Pods are not food, but people are eating them anyway

If someone on the internet told you to drink bleach, would you do it? Of course not - but when people are told to eat the detergent-filled Pods sold by Tide, they're munching away. Twitter is all soaped up with conversation about eating Tide Pods, simply because they look similar to snack bites.https://twitter.com/halsey/status/946171412330381312?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmashable.com%2F2017%2F12%2F28%2Ftide-pod-twitter-explained%2FThe trend has been part of ludicrous...

Next Generation-Now events set for Las Vegas Market

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The Home Furnishings Assn. has announced the Next Generation-Now networking and educational schedule for the upcoming Las Vegas Market.Each market, HFA hosts events specifically for the future leaders and young professionals in the Home Furnishings Industry. NGN will host its Market Bash, Sunday, Jan. 28, 7:30-9 p.m., at High Roller Ferris Wheel in the LINQ Hotel. Networking and drinks will be followed by a VIP pod ride on the High Roller Ferris Wheel. Pre-market...