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Don't watch if you're hungry but please watch in HD! I had an absolute blast shooting at the factory and even more fun tasting all the fantastic pieces of chocolate ...

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Lohmann: New Chesterfield 'beans to bar' chocolate makers putting their faith in the sweet taste of doing good This is the story of how the desire to do good led Steve and Kim Taylor to make something good: namely, chocolate. Touched by the stories of the victims of human trafficking, the Taylors came up with an unconventional way to help: Steve would leave his [...]

Albuquerque Journal [01/14/18, via Albuquerque Journal]
Taos chocolate maker a finalist for national award Earning a slot among the finalists – and as one of only three chocolate makers to have more than one bar included – is a validation that what the company is doing is not only working, but also getting recognized, Vincent said. Chosen through blind [...]

Fresno Bee [12/20/17, via Fresno Bee]
Sweet! Here are six awesome chocolate makers ... - The Fresno Bee Everyone knows about the big boys of the candy world (like See's Candies and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory). But did you know there are locally owned chocolate makers operating right under our noses in the Fresno area? Some of them make chocolate [...]

Times of Malta [01/15/18, via Times of Malta]
Gourmet chocolate is economic lifeline in Venezuela crisis Bars made in Venezuela, in contrast, are made with 100 per cent local cocoa. This gives the new Venezuelan chocolatiers a leg up as they tap into the global 'bean-to-bar' movement, in which chocolate makers oversee the entire process of turning cocoa [...]

New Chesterfield 'beans to bar' chocolate makers putting their faith in the sweet taste of doing good 

@runawayminoru dont blame me for the shit jokes its kitkat the silly chocolate company need to hire new joke makers

@brit_ritchey Oh yes. In the UK there are only a couple of chocolate makers. It is then taken to the factories that… 

RT @niamhspectrum: I love alcohol. I love chocolate. Why do chocolate makers think combining my two loves is a good idea.

RT @airspacemag: Could you make perfect chocolate in space? These candy-makers want to try. 

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For those who think white chocolate isn't 'real' chocolate, have we got bars for you

For years, connoisseurs dismissed white chocolate -- a confection made with cocoa butter, milk solids and sugar, but with none of the cocoa solids that give darker chocolate its recognizable flavor and color. "White chocolate or white lie?" one online video asks. The host opens with: "If you love white chocolate, I hate to break it to you. You're not eating chocolate."Besides the absence of cocoa solids, the reputation stems from the fact that white chocolate products often contain such...

Cocoa Press is a DIY Chocolate 3D Printer

3D printing is a hot trend. You can make almost anything and it’s becoming more accessible all the time. One thing that’s still hard to 3D print is food. While there are some commercial 3D food printers on the market, such as the PancakeBot, it’s still very experimental. So why not make your own? Evan Weinstein did just that with his Cocoa Press.Weinstein is now a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying mechanical engineering and applied mechanics, but he started building the Cocoa...

M&M's maker fears chocolate shortage by 2050, report says

(Photo: mikdam / Thinkstock, mikdam)The world's chocolate supply could melt into a shortage within a few decades, and the maker of M&M's, Snickers and Twix hopes scientists can save humanity's sweetest invention.Rising temperatures from climate change threaten to shrink the slim strip of rainforests around the equator where the cacao trees used to make chocolate thrive, according to a 2016 review from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

Chocolate makers roll out healthier options to sweeten image

Dive Brief:Chocolate makers looking for ways to attract health-conscious consumers are turning out smoother dark chocolate bars, protein bars with chocolate, sugar-free chocolate and single-origin chocolate, according to Reuters.Nestle has set up "chocolatories" in London, Australia and Japan to produce special personalized KitKat bars, which customers can buy in more than 10 flavors. They are made from premium dark chocolate, milk chocolate and raw — or less-processed — chocolate....