Kogan Meat Grinder
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150W 8.5" Blade Commercial Meat Slicer Electric Deli Slice Veggie Cutter Kitchen $76.41

150W 8.5" Blade Commercial Meat Slicer Electric Deli Slice Veggie Cutter Kitchen


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Your Kitchen...Deluxe Stand Mixer

http://www.bid.tv/ Your Kitchen... Deluxe Stand Mixer is a multifunction stand mixer with detachable meat grinder and food blender. This multifunctional stand ...

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FULL LIST: The homewares brands we'll see on Amazon Australia An analysis earlier this year by One-Click Retail suggested that homewares accounted for 15% of Amazon's year-on-year sales growth. It has roughly 8.5% of the overall homewares market stateside. In Australia, there's no obvious single clear competitor [...]

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Is the precautionary principle guiding law or a political notion? The International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) recently declared red meat to be “probably carcinogenic to humans.” IARC justified this conclusion using studies that “showed limited evidence from epidemiological studies showing positive [...]

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From Fields to Strings: Circumnavigating Theoretical Physics From Fields to Strings: Circumnavigating Theoretical Physics
Published by World Scientific 2005
ISBN 9789814482042,9814482048
2388 pages
Vitebsk Vitebsk
Published by Yale University Press 2017
ISBN 0300101082,9780300101089
391 pages
Food, Health, and Happiness Food, Health, and Happiness
Published by Flatiron Books 2017
ISBN 9781250126542,1250126541
240 pages
The Big Green Tent The Big Green Tent
Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2015
ISBN 9780374709716,0374709718
576 pages

Here's How Much Bubble Wrap You Need To Wrap A Giant Whale Heart

Image Courtesy of Jacqueline Waters, Royal Ontario MuseumIt’s not every day one stumbles upon a 400 pound whale heart, but when you do, you put that shit in a museum. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the folks at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) did when they uncovered a dead blue whale in Newfoundland back in 2014. Since then, biologist Jacqueline Miller and her team at ROM have been working tirelessly to put the massive organ on display, and today, they finally did just that.While the...


In case you hadn't noticed, San Francisco's Russian community is thriving once again in the Richmond District, thanks to the influx of Russian Jews seeking refuge over the past couple decades and, more recently, the immigration of Russian families following the demise of Communism. Along the outer Geary corridor, the Russian alphabet competes with Chinese, Thai and English characters on business signs. The district is dotted with Russian delis, where you can find not only the food stuffs...

What Would Aliens Look Like?

Illustration: Jim Cooke/GizmodoAs the absurdity on our home planet grows, so does humanity’s curiosity about life beyond 1 AU. Of course, wildly speculating about aliens is nothing new: it’s been fueling many facets of science fiction for years. But recently-proposed missions to“Ocean worlds” that could harbor microbial life make the search for extraterrestrials less tinfoil hat-like and a bit more tangible.If we did find alien life, it would be the biggest discovery in human history. Most...

The Republican in Charge of the House Science Committee Is Now Arguing Global Warming Has 'Benefits'

Photo: APTexas Rep. Lamar Smith, the Republican official in charge of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, has now penned an editorial urging the public not to buy into “hysteria over carbon dioxide,” which he believes could actually be good for us.The post, which can be viewed over at the fossil fuel-industry backed Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal blog, is full of highly misleading or downright nonsensical arguments about how mankind’s decision to burn as much of the fossil...