Keurig That Makes Margaritas
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Mayan Fiesta Golden Tequila Cake, 4 ounce (Lime Margarita) $10.95

Mayan Fiesta Golden Tequila Cake, 4 ounce (Lime Margarita)

Mayan Fiesta Golden Rum cake, 4 ounce (Strawberry) $10.95

Mayan Fiesta Golden Rum cake, 4 ounce (Strawberry)

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Mayan Fiesta Golden Rum cake, 4 ounce (Pina Colada)

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Mayan Fiesta Golden Rum cake, 4 ounce (Fresh Coconut)

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Mayan Fiesta Golden Rum cake, 4 ounce (Banana)


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Keurig Kold Margarita

Rita's and Tina's Margarita pod for Keurig Kold .

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KTLA [01/11/16, via KTLA]
Watch Keurig's New “Kold” Machine Make a Margarita in Seconds – CES 2016 The machine cools down the water, then mixes the drink in the cup. Funny part is that I quip “this is the easiest margarita I've ever made” but then I have trouble seating the pod properly in the holder. That's because I was trying to it one handed one [...]

Grub Street [11/14/17, via Grub Street]
Hannity Fans Are Smashing Their Keurigs to Punish the Company for Pulling Ads From the Show Proving once again that the conservative cause's most insidious enemies all brew coffee, fans of Sean Hannity are literally destroying their Keurig machines to protest the company's decision to drop its ads from the Fox News host's show. Keurig joined [...] [01/10/17, via]
Keurig Is Making a Machine That Brews Alcohol The "Keurig for cookies," a.k.a. the CHiP Smart Cookie Maker almost took us over the edge, until this news: Keurig is working on developing an alcoholic drink maker, according to a press release. Keurig announced that the product is still in the [...]

KTVU San Francisco [01/12/16, via KTVU San Francisco]
Make Margaritas, Mojitos in Seconds with New Keurig KOLD Keurig Green Mountain has expanded its brand with a new machine called Keurig KOLD, which is the first beverage system that allows consumers to make cold drinks at home with just the push of a button. Some of those beverages include well-known products [...]

RT @kaelli_fisher19: They got a keurig that makes margaritas much needed lol

They got a keurig that makes margaritas much needed lol

They have a Keurig machine that makes margaritas

There's a Keurig that makes margaritas

There’s a keurig that makes margaritas and I turn 21 in 7 days so if you still need ideas on what to buy me that’s a good idea.

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Keurig Kold can make good seltzer water and bad margaritas - VentureBeat

Keurig Green Mountain made a name for itself as a home coffee maker that uses pods that it brews with hot water. Now, the Keurig Kold can do the same for cold beverages. The machine can make Rita’s & Tina’s margaritas and Mojitos. You can make everything from Coca-Cola to strawberry margaritas. My friend Chris Morris said he tried the strawberry margarita — and it was terrible. The Keurig Kold ranges from $300 to $370. The pods are $4 for a pack of four. So you’ll have to make a lot of drinks at home to justify the cost of the device. Keurig Hot and Keurig Kold can together make more than 575 beverages.


You can now make a mojito in a Keurig — and it's not terrible - Mashable

Keurig wants to be your bartender. Keurig, known for its K-Cup system that turns coffee pods into a fresh cup, is showing off at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show its new Keurig Kold machine, a one-button carbonated drink dispenser (i. e. want a Coca-Cola. Pop in a pod, press a button and there you have it). But the company is touting a few other new pod options this week, including ones for cocktails. Similar to a traditional Keurig, you fill up the systems' side cartridge with water and select the pod you want (the pods are slightly bigger than what a traditional Keurig will whip you up). You peel off the pod's safety seal, place it in the... After touching the start button, the system began to make the cocktail — start to end, it takes about 60 seconds, a noticeably longer wait time than Keurig's hot coffee maker.


How cocktail-making machines could put bartenders out of business

There are several good reasons why bars and nightclubs are on the decline.Skyrocketing drink prices are making it too expensive to go out. Smartphone apps mean it's easier for people to stay in touch. Dating apps are cutting out the need to mingle in person. Even larger televisions are allowing friends to stay at home and watch sporting events or movies together.Add a number of emerging do-it-yourself cocktail- and beer-making machines to the mix and the speed at which watering holes are...

19 Kitchen Appliances That Are a Waste of Your Money

Do you love cooking or baking? Then, you already know stores that sell cookware, kitchen supplies, and small appliances offer plenty of temptation. Juicers, crepe makers, egg poachers — the list goes on. (And we’re not even out of brunch yet.) You’ll find plenty of things that can take up space on your countertop. And each one promises to make a specific task effortless. But while every chef needs pots, pans, and versatile cooking utensils, many of those shiny kitchen appliances are...

Keurig KOLD Gets Even Cooler with the Launch of Cocktail Mixers

WATERBURY, Vt.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) (NASDAQ: GMCR), a personal beverage system company that has revolutionized the way consumers create and enjoy beverages, expands its Keurig® KOLD™ beverage lineup with two new cocktail mixer brands, just in time for holiday family and friend gatherings and drop-in visitors – Rita’s & Tina’s™ and Union St. Lounge™ – both available in KOLD™ pods beginning today on