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Keurig K-Cup In Room Brewing System, 11.1 x 10-Inches $76.95

Keurig K-Cup In Room Brewing System, 11.1 x 10-Inches

Save 23%
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Making a Coca Cola on the Keurig Kold Machine

Just a quick video demonstrating how to make a Coca Cola drink using the new Keurig Kold machine.. Yummy!

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USA TODAY [11/13/17, via USA TODAY]
Keurig, Sean Hannity, Roy Moore: scalded by an ad backlash The company laid off 130 employees in June, after laying off 108 the year before in the wake of discontinuing its $370 Keurig Kold system, which made cold beverages including Coke. Keurig also laid off another 200 in 2015. Hannity helped accelerate his [...]

The Boston Globe [01/06/17, via The Boston Globe]
Keurig, Budweiser team up for in-home booze machine If so, hang on to your pint, because the parent companies of Budweiser and Keurig want to make your dream a reality. International beer conglomerate Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. announced Friday that they are launching a joint [...]

Fox News [06/08/16, via Fox News]
Keurig axes unpopular Kold machine, offers customer refunds The Kold machine is also significantly larger than the slimline SodaStream systems — a problem for customers with small kitchens looking to save counter space. The company had high hopes when its Kold machines debuted, suggesting they could eventually [...] [03/13/17, via]
Making Budweiser at Home With This Special New Keurig Machine Could Change the Game as We Know It Keurig Kold machines - a similar partnership between the coffee maker and beverage giant Coca-Cola (KO) - hit stores in September 2015 at the hefty price of $369.99. The machines allowed consumers to create their own soda pods. The soda pods didn't go [...]

@sydneyleesexton We stopped sales of KOLD drinkmakers and accessories beginning June 7, 2016. Cheers!

@lakenadriannaa Hi Laken! We stopped sales of KOLD drinkmakers and accessories beginning June 7, 2016. Thank you.

@cokebenderjames We stopped sales of KOLD drinkmakers & accessories 6/7/16. Thank you for reaching out.

@Wyzrd_71 We stopped sales of KOLD drinkmakers and accessories beginning June 7, 2016. Thank you for reaching out.

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Keurig's next big thing is looking increasingly doomed

KeurigKeurig is floundering.The company's share price has plunged 60% since the beginning of the year following a dramatic drop in sales of coffee brewers and accessories.Last year's rollout of Keurig's latest coffee maker, the Keurig 2.0, was disappointing, and the company has been battling aggressive competition from other K-Cup makers that will force it to eventually drop prices on its coffee pods, putting pressure on profit margins, according to Morgan Stanley analysts.Now Keurig is...

Keurig’s future depends on this one item

Keurig's highly-anticipated KOLD machine.KeurigKeurig Green Mountain shares are plummeting after the company reduced its forecast for sales and announced plans for layoffs.  Sales of the brand's core and Keurig 2.0 machines failed to take off as expected. Many consumers already own the brewing machines, leading to speculation that the market is saturated. This leaves Keurig with one hope: the upcoming "Kold" machine. The machine will be sold online this...

2 Simple Reasons You Shouldn't Buy the Coke-Making Keurig Kold Machine

Tuesday is National Coffee Day, when restaurants and coffee shops around the country are saluting the country’s favorite caffeinated morning beverage by giving away free cups of Joe. Oddly, one of the coffee industry’s major forces—Keurig, the coffee pod pioneer—decided that Tuesday would also be the day it introduces a new machine that makes … soda.After six years of development, the Keurig Kold officially went on sale on Tuesday. It’s a soda-making machine similar to the Sodastream, only...

Reviews of Keurig’s next big thing are brutal

KeurigKeurig debuted its newest machine, the Keurig Kold, this week.Reviews for the $370 countertop soda machine are already starting to trickle in — and many of them are brutal.Some customers are complaining that the machine is massive and takes up too much counter space, that it hums as loud as a "freight train," and it can take up five hours to cool after being plugged in, as opposed to the two hours it advertises."This thing is an absolute monster," one customer wrote on Keurig's website....