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K-Cup Maker Partners With Top Soda Company, Sending Shares Higher

Shares of Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) surged after the company signed a deal with Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) on Wednesday, making it TheStreet's ...

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HELOISE'S KITCHENEERING: A soup that's ready for more Dear Heloise: You had a generic CREAM SOUP RECIPE that my mother always made. She'd throw all sorts of things into this recipe -- leftover chicken, peas, carrots or whatever she had on hand -- but she always used your Generic Cream Soup recipe as a [...]

Charleston Gazette-Mail [12/17/17, via Charleston Gazette-Mail]
WV Farm2Fork Team: Enjoy a leisurely winter morning with buckwheat recipes At West Virginia Marketplace, we have K-Mac Mills brand. You can enjoy them simply as they are with your favorite syrup and/or fruit toppings, or jazz them up to make Banana Walnut Pancakes. The buckwheat waffles are lightened with extra egg whites. Be [...]

MarketWatch [09/29/17, via MarketWatch]
International Coffee Day: Americans drink more coffee than soda, tea and juice combined Coffee is the most popular drink in America, more than soda and even bottled water. By. KariPaul. Reporter. Americans may be drinking more bottled water than ever, but one drink continues to reign supreme in the beverage department — coffee, thanks to [...]

TakePart [09/29/15, via TakePart]
If You Thought K-Cups Were Bad, Wait Until Pods Come to Soda Despite the fervor over third-wave coffee bars and National Coffee Day freebies—that would be today, Sept. 29, if social media hasn't informed you yet—we as a nation don't drink all that much java. The average consumption amounts to less than a cup a [...]

RT @Chaos_Quotes: "I'm not tryna spend 5 years behind bars for putting soda in my water cup"

@Jack_Septic_Eye I get a 32 oz cup of Dr. Pepper from Circle K everyday (American measurment just to be clear). My… 

RT @adda_boi: How the grinch stole soda from McDonald’s by gettin a water cup and fillin it up with coke then got yelled at so he dumped it…

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Drunk Uncle Food Theories VS. Actual Science

In recently experiences a lot of shade has been thrown at certain foods that frankly don't deserve it. Then other foods are made out to be "Food Gods" when they are no better than the other foods. These food myths are about to be tarnished by the actual science behind food.Christin Urso"Gluten free diets are good!"MYTH. The only people that should be on gluten free diets are those with Celiac's disease- otherwise it's just silly. Do the people saying these even know what gluten is? Gluten is...

We Tried Homemade Butterbeer Four Ways!

We set out on a dangerous mission: to build a better butterbeer. We searched through recipes! We gleaned truths from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We scoffed at cream soda! And finally, just in time for a slew of winter holidays, we created and tested four drinks that just might set a new bar for fantasy-based beverages. But perhaps the truth can only be known once each and every one of you has created and tested these recipes? Click through for four of the yummiest—dare we...

President Myers begins new K-State coin tradition

After suffering a serious knee injury that ended her volleyball career at K-State, senior Bryna Vogel was surprised by a presidential token.“I came to the game in a wheelchair because I wanted to support my team,” she said. “President Myers stopped me and gave me this coin.”K-State President Richard Myers awarded Vogel a K-State Coin, a tradition he recently brought with him from his time in the U.S. military. The coin features a purple Powercat and Myers’ name on one side and the university...

Here Are Three Serious Winter Recipes Involving Coffee

www.housetribeca.comLet's face it. You love coffee. And yet the way we consume these complex, deeply satisfying flavors day after day can seem pretty limited. Cue Chef Gabe Kennedy. The Brooklyn-based kitchen explorer and Creative Culinary Director for a New York City based restaurant group, who’s worked for a long list of notable private clients, goes way beyond the cup with a trio of delicious, seasonally appropriate recipes featuring Nespresso, easily brewed using the brand’s Vertuo...