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Koval Inc. Commercial Electric Snow Cone Maker Ice Shaver Machine 440 lb/hr



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Koval Inc.
Product Features:
All Stainless Steel Construction: Stable base, Casing and hopper, Shaving blade, Holding bowl
Extra High Working Efficiency: Highly efficient motor can produce 440 lbs of shaved ice per hour; Dual stainless steel blades help shave ice completely and easily
Smooth Elegant Shape: Its smooth design is eye-catching, completely different from those in common machine designs.
Safe Operation: On/Off switch has been shielded with a waterproof cover to guarantee safe operation
Simple & Convenient Operation: Just drop the ice in the hopper, push the handle, and the shaving work is done! Anyone can do it!
Product Description
Start enjoying the fun of making and tasting slush & drinks anytime in the convenience of your own home or to make profits in your own management!

Perfect for producing hand-made slush & frozen drinks for fast-food stores, snack bars, cafes, school canteens, clubs or restaurants, carnivals, banquets or festivals. Ideal for home or commercial use!

This unit works fine with ice cubes or crushed bag ice. Users can put different kinds of ice as long as they are of similar size as the hopper.
Low Maintenance:
You can flush the hopper, blade and holding bowl with clean water and towel them off after shaving. Very simple to keep clean!
Technical Parameters:
Rotation Speed: 2500 runs/min
Shaving Capacity: 440 lbs/h
Voltage: 110V
Power: 250W
Frequency: 60Hz
Weight: Approx. 17.6 lbs
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