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From the Front Lines: Fine Dining a Focus for The Clare's Executive Chef Pre-taste everything. Instruct. I'm in charge of the stewarding as well, so I make sure the stewards are doing what they need to do. I also make sure the place is clean and sanitary and work with the sous chef, and the pastry side, as well. Then, lunch [...]

One Green Planet [01/22/18, via One Green Planet]
Celebrate #NationalBlondeBrownieDay With These Recipes! If you're a brownie lover, have you ever tried blonde brownies? Now's your chance to give blondies try as it is National Blonde Brownie Day! We went into the Food Monster App and found 15 blonde brownie recipes to get you started. Whether you've had a [...]

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Comfort foods for when your team inevitably disappoints you Who do they think they are? It's time to channel your rage into something productive, like tearing into a rack of ribs with your bare hands. It's cathartic, and tasty, and totally en vogue on a game day. You can hit up local rib joints like Smoke-In-D [...]

Candy Industry [01/22/18, via Candy Industry]
St. Louis chocolate companies offer gateway to bliss, local brands “I didn't do a lot of research,” he said. “I didn't go to school and figure out how to make chocolate . I didn't go to other candy stores, check them out and see how they did it. I had an image in my mind. I had a vision for what I wanted to do, and [...]

How do they make the inside of Lindt chocolate cold?

How do u make chocolate chip cookies with out chocolate chips? They’re jus fuckin cookies

RT @dj_idfwu: How do you make chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips like do you hear yourself “they need to make chocolate chip…

How do you make chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips like do you hear yourself “they need to make choco… 

How to Make Chocolates for Fun Or As a Business How to Make Chocolates for Fun Or As a Business
Published by Victor Lee 2012
ISBN 9781477481288,1477481281
92 pages
Catalog of Copyright Entries Catalog of Copyright Entries
Beyond Chocolate Beyond Chocolate
Published by Hachette UK 2012
ISBN 9781405520461,1405520469
256 pages
The Complete Silly Stories of History The Complete Silly Stories of History
Published by Xulon Press 2011
ISBN 9781613792704,1613792700
30 pages

Best Holiday Cookies 2017: 14 Delicious Recipes To Make For Santa

Christmas is finally here, and one of the best traditions of the holiday is definitely making cookies to leave out for Santa Claus when he comes to drop off presents to all the good boys and girls.However, Santa surely gets bored of eating the same cookies at every house all night, so why not change things up and give him a slightly different treat from the usual chocolate chip/basic sugar cookies? Check out these 14 recipes to give everyone’s favorite jolly man in red something new to look...

4 Lessons For Entrepreneurs To Make Work Meaningful -- And Profitable

Askinosie ChocolateAskinosie Chocolate's new book provides a methodology to make work meaningful.In my new book, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution, I profile one of the most dynamic, inspiring chocolate companies in the world: Askinosie Chocolate.But I don’t do it by talking about how founder Shawn Askinosie worked as a criminal defense attorney for 20 years; by visiting their factory in Springfield, Missouri; or by delving into the flavors of their chocolate bars....

How to make sure your pet is safe during the holiday season

DETROIT - Pet owners know dogs and cats are curious, and they get into everything when you turn your back, sometimes right in front of you. The misadventures sometimes lead to unexpected and unpleasant vet visits, but veterinarians said most mishaps can be prevented. Winter weather and holiday fun can be hazardous for pets, so it's important to keep an eye on them at this time of year. Dr. Kelley Meyers shared some tips to keep pets off...

Inspiration for 2018: Chocolate Maker Shawn Askinosie On Personal Calling And Intentional Business

Tweet This(Credit: Askinosie Chocolate)72% Mababu Tanzanian chocolate bar, featuring farmer Mama MpokiAfter an illustrious career as a criminal defense attorney specializing in high-grade felony cases, Shawn Askinosie stepped away from the legal profession. “I had to,” he says. “There came a time after a couple of murder cases that I said, I can't do this anymore. I was desperate to find another inspiration. That took five years, and it was just a matter of prayer for me—every day asking God...