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Samsung 18 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth Stainless French Door Refrigerator RF18HFENBSR - Overview

Samsung 18 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - RF18HFENBSR

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Slideshare: Julie Jacobson's Ultimate CES 2018 Preview - 91 Pages of Smart Home Remo+ DoorCam • Easy retrofit, no wires, no drilling, perfect for rentals • Only outdoor camera with indoor Wi-Fi connectivity – Antenna and Wi-Fi chipset inside the user's home – Limits wireless interference and reduces latency • Wide field of view [...] [03/05/13, via]
Today's slimmer refrigerators fit tight spaces They say baseball is a game of inches. So too is kitchen remodeling, another activity that heats up in the spring. The inches matter most if you're forced to work with the existing dimensions of the kitchen, including the openings for your various [...]

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When a Counter-Depth Refrigerator Is the Best Fit Refrigerators have gotten a lot bigger in recent years. That's good for food storage but not so much for space efficiency, especially in smaller kitchens, where a mammoth fridge might jut out 10 inches or more past the countertop. Counter-depth (also [...]

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Best French-Door Refrigerators From Consumer Reports' Tests When it comes time to upgrade your refrigerator, if you're tempted to get a French-door model, you won't be alone. In 2016, French-door refrigerators accounted for 29 percent of refrigerators shipped, second only to inexpensive top-freezer models [...]

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Luxury travel vehicles are homes on wheels

LANCE WYNNThis T@B Microlite Travel Trailer is an example of a smaller, but still chic, RV.Imagine sinking into a leather sofa across from a roaring fire, a college basketball game on a wide-screen TV with sounds of screaming fans coming from multiple speakers. One of these may be rolling beside you at 65 mph. If your last experience with a recreational vehicle included uncomfortable, undersized beds and a bathroom the size of a phone booth, it's time to take a second look. They've been...

The Quiet American

The old fridge came with the house. The fact that it was a Kenmore endeared it to me. Just over a year ago, I arrived at house and commodious icebox after a dramatic move from London to Los Angeles. In London, I had left behind a blender made by someone called Ken Wood, whose brand became known as Kenwood. So I pictured Ken More busy in his workshop inventing butter compartments, deli drawers and vegetable crispers.The fridge was secondhand, yes, but to someone who had, until that point,...

12 steps to save hundreds on your energy bill

So you've swapped your incandescent light bulbs for CFLs, turned down the thermostat, and only wash clothes on cold. Then why are your utility bills still so high? Air leaks are likely culprits, but so are "phantom" power suckers, such as flat-screen TVs, which draw energy even when they're off. Watch on TODAY: Shore up your home to save on billsTo help pinpoint exactly where you are burning through resources — and cash — we polled energy consultants across the country. The simplest route,...

10 Great Refrigerators for $1,500 or Less

kitchen remodel</a>, you probably don't want to spend any more than $2,500 on your new appliance suite—including the refrigerator, range, and dishwasher. To meet that mark, $1,500 will be about your upper limit on the refrigerator, and you’ll be in even better shape if you can keep that cost under $1,000." data-reactid="18">If you’re embarking on a budget kitchen remodel, you probably don't want to spend any more than $2,500 on your new appliance suite—including the refrigerator,...