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The automatic drink mixing machine -- robot bartender cocktail dispenser

This is a homemade drink mixer made using an Arduino Circuit board This also requires electric solenoid valves that you can find here.

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[01/10/18, via ]
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The Business Times [01/08/18, via The Business Times]
Mix it up, robot bartender BT_20180109_ABDRINKS_3253693.jpg. SUTD graduate Tushar Mohan photographed with Souschef, an automated drinks dispensing system that changes the way food and beverage outlets/events dispense their drinks. BT PHOTO: DON WONG. PERFORMERS in the style of [...]

Geeky Gadgets [12/19/17, via Geeky Gadgets]
DIY Robot Cocktail Maker This holiday season if you would prefer not to be standing at the bar making your friends cocktails, but enjoying more of the party, you may be interested in this DIY robot cocktail maker which has been created using a little Arduino hardware and [...]

Royal Caribbean Blog (blog) [01/02/18, via Royal Caribbean Blog (blog)]
10 Awesome things to do on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas Anthem of the Seas features the Bionic Bar, where two robot bartenders create custom crafted beverages, delivered in plastic cups via four conveyor belts. Built by Makr Shakr, the idea is simple: guests place orders via tablets and then can watch the [...]

Fox News [12/19/17, via Fox News]
Disney World slammed for 'horrible' animatronic Trump that 'looks like Jon Voight' the robot's physical appearance isn't winning praise on Twitter. Commenters have already compared Disney's Trump-bot to Jon Voight, but also Angela Lansbury, the character of Biff Tannen from “Back to the Future: Part 2” and even Hillary Clinton [...]

RT @Daniel_bearman: Secret office buttons, ranked: 1. Button that provides snacks. 2. Button that calls a drink mixing robot. 3. Button tha…

RT @Daniel_bearman: Secret office buttons, ranked: 1. Button that provides snacks. 2. Button that calls a drink mixing robot. 3. Button tha…

Secret office buttons, ranked: 1. Button that provides snacks. 2. Button that calls a drink mixing robot. 3. Button… 

Robot Builder Robot Builder
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Anthony Boucher Anthony Boucher
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Sugar Trades and Nudist Camps - Bloomberg

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The company has bought more than 6 million tons of sugar in this manner since 2015, enough to fill roughly 3,000 Olympic-size swimming pools at a cost of some $2. 3 billion. When in most people's lives do they come across a swimming pool full of sugar, never mind 3,000 of them. I guess if you got 3,000 more Olympic-size pools full of water and mixed them with the sugar pools, you'd have 6,000 Olympic-size pools full of simple syrup. It would take Katie Ledecky a little over two days to swim them at her 800-meter pace , though I suppose that pace would be hard to keep up for two days, or in syrup. If you combined the 6,000 pools of simple syrup with 72,000 pools of rye and 1,200 pools of bitters, you'd end up with 79,000 Olympic-size pools of old-fashioneds, or about 3 trillion cocktails, or about 400 old-fashioneds for every man, woman.


Tokyo Plays Itself - Eater

makerfairehannover Photo by drbakker on Flickr

O n the top floor of @home cafe in Tokyo’s geek-friendly Akihabara district, in a low-ceilinged, brightly lit room that smelled of a poorly ventilated deep fryer, a coterie of frilly aproned maids were delivering wobbly, abstractly decadent... " ("Welcome home, master. But with a quick glance around at the clientele, both male and female, all dazed under the spell of saccharine maid energy, it seemed like I was the only person in the room thinking about eating. @home, one of the most popular maid cafes in Tokyo, had been temporarily made over as the GudetamaX@home Collab Café , and was now adorned with the likeness of the "lazy egg" Sanrio character that's become wildly popular both in Japan and the States.


Edible Innovations: Meet Barbot, an Open Source Cocktail Maker

From Singapore to the USA and all around Europe, Edible Innovations profiles food makers that engage in improving the global food system at every stage, from production to distribution to eating and shopping. Join us as we explore the main trends in the industry from a maker perspective. Chiara Cecchini of Future Food Institute — an ecosystem with a strong educational core that promotes food innovation as a key tool to tackle the great challenges of the future — introduces you to the faces,...

Witnessing How Lotus Builds Every Evora Almost Entirely by Hand

Serious question: Aren’t you tired of hearing about “handcrafted” cocktails and mixed drinks? Even the Hilton Garden Inn next to NCM Motorsports Park has a little sign in the elevator bragging that they serve handcrafted cocktails. What’s the alternative? A giant multi-armed robot that mixes cocktails with inhuman precision while it stares at you with a single baleful Cylon eye? Would you rather get your drink that way? I sure wouldn't.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowThe truth of the...

How futuristic technology is already making waves in pubs

Is it far-fetched to believe that pubs may one day be swarming with ‘selfie’ drones recording customers’ every move and automatically posting updates on social media? Or that special spectacles may be used to research online, in real-time, some of the more outlandish claims a companion might try to spin us? Is it outlandish to think those same super specs might be able to detect elevated physiological responses – such as an increased heart rate or blushing under make-up? According to...

How robots are helping to shape the future of retail

The weekly grocery shop can be a familiar routine. Times are changing, though, with many of us now choosing to buy our essentials in different ways.Sixty-five percent of Britons now "regularly or occasionally" visit the supermarket more than once a day, while 11 percent decide what they'll have for supper "just before" eating, according to the Waitrose Food and Drink Report for 2017-18.Innovation is also driving change in the U.K, and technology has been at the heart of online supermarket...