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Subscribe to Tipsy Bartender: We took Laffy Taffy candies, soaked them in rum and then blended them into a daiquiri. This is the ultimate ...

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Relive all nine terrifying minutes of the great Tallahassee blizzard of 2018 8 a.m.: Crunchy ice pellets falling from the clouds have accumulated on the back deck in Betton Hills. It looks like the shaved ice used to make daiquiris. If I'm going to be trapped all day in the house, is it too early for a cocktail? 8:01 a.m.: The [...]

The Independent [12/29/17, via The Independent]
Brunch on Saturday: Bobby Fitzpatrick review and potato pancake with smashed avocado My friend Olivia opted for banana, bacon and caramelised nuts. It's rich, but the saltiness of the bacon stops it all becoming too sickly. Cocktail-wise, diners have three to choose from, and the good news is you can try them all. They're all very [...]

Detroit Metro Times [06/02/17, via Detroit Metro Times]
6 Detroit bars serving alcoholic slushies that you have to try this summer slushy option is as sweet and bright as it is bougie. For a twist on last summer's trendy drink (a Stiegl-Radler graprefruit beer with a shot of Campari) try the slightly bitter, slightly sweet Radler-Campari slushy. If you ask nicely, they will [...]

Seattlemag [07/27/17, via Seattlemag]
Leschi Bar's 'Extra Fancy' Daiquiri is Perfect for Seattle Summer Nights Drink History: Legendary cocktail writer David A. Embury listed the daiquiri as one of the six basic drinks in 1948's revered The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. This unpretentious mixture of rum, lime juice and sugar dates back to the 1700s, when the [...]

RT @ezzzfoster: Just too impatient to wait for the daiquiri to turn to slush @itissofia 

Just too impatient to wait for the daiquiri to turn to slush @itissofia 

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12 kitchen hacks you could do with a blender

Blenders are incredibly versatile. Follow our list, and you’ll be using yours for more than soups and smoothies in no time…1. Grind spicesThe powerful blade of a blender can grind spices with ease. You might need to do a few spoonfuls to make it work, so store any leftovers in an airtight jar and use within a month to enjoy its freshness.2. Make caster sugar and icing sugarIn a pinch, you can blitz granulated to caster sugar, and caster sugar to a rough icing...

5 delicious daiquiris: Drop the strawberry slushie and try the real deal

Oh, daiquiris—the very name conjures up images of MTV “Spring Break” and tacky souvenir glasses. But the drink’s rep is unfair—done right, the daiquiri is actually a classic sour cocktail, with roots that go back to turn-of-the-last century Cuba. Even Ernest Hemingway even had his own version (see below). Luckily, there are places out there serving well-crafted daiquiris in the classic tradition, and with modern twists—and July 19, aka National Daiquiri Day, is a great excuse to try...

6 tasty daiquiris for a sweet Mardi Gras

It’s so cold, the best way to warm up is ... frozen drinks. The reverse psychology works even better if the cup you’re tipping back is filled with the signature sip of Mardi Gras, that New Orleans favorite known as a daiquiri. Originally created in Cuba as a simple rum cocktail served over ice, the daiquiri was adopted by Louisianans and turned into a sweet, boozy slushie that comes in multiple flavors and colors. Here’s where to find that liquid dessert with a kick around Philly.The...

Celebrate the daiquiri in all its forms at Daiquiri Festival

At Arnaud’s French 75 on a blisteringly hot August afternoon, bartender Chris Hannah sets a daiquiri on a white cocktail napkin atop the dark-wood bar, creating a tiny, cool oasis. Slivers of ice float on the surface of the drink, which contains only Hannah’s meticulously double-strained syrup made of fresh strawberries, lime, and agave to sweeten the gentle kick of El Dorado rum.Eliot Kamenitz/The Times-PicayuneBartender Chris Hannah pours a fresh lime daiquiri at Arnaud's French 75 Bar,...