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Premier Tilting Chocolate Refiner - Melanger $300.00

Premier Tilting Chocolate Refiner - Melanger

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Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box (1.2 pound)

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Premier Chocolate Refiner - Melanger


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Engadget [12/19/17, via Engadget]
Geeks are using science to make the best chocolate ever "I come home to make chocolate." For Anderson, much of the fun of chocolate, which he's been making since the early 2000s, comes from building the machines and problem-solving the technical snafus. Take his cocoa-bean roaster, which is made out of a [...]

Tech Times [01/04/18, via Tech Times]
Chocolate War: When Geeks Make Better Chocolate the cacao beans (light, medium, and dark) and conches chocolate in four unique ways to create the bars (none, subtle, medium, and long). Anderson also built most of the machines he uses in chocolate making. Today, after being around for 12 years [...]

[12/26/17, via The Roundup]
J'z Fashions Doubles In Size Home décor items include linens in all price ranges, florals, Stonewall Kitchens rubs and spices, and much, much more. The fantastic designs of Billie Jo Morken of Watford City decorate the store. "A Touch of Earth" includes unique jewelry, capes and [...]

D Magazine [09/21/17, via D Magazine]
Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters Debuts Single-Origin Bean-to-Bar Chocolates I can't even imagine what it must have been like for Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters owner Shannon Neffendorf's two kids when he started experimenting with chocolate-making: the ultimate dream, their home kitchen turned into a lab. That was almost a year ago [...]

The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets
Published by Oxford University Press 2015
ISBN 9780199313617,019931361X
920 pages
The Science of Chocolate The Science of Chocolate
Published by Royal Society of Chemistry 2017
ISBN 0854046003,9780854046003
175 pages
The New Blue Ridge Cookbook The New Blue Ridge Cookbook
Published by Rowman & Littlefield 2015
ISBN 9781493013838,1493013831
304 pages
The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris
Published by Hachette UK 2013
ISBN 9781405514651,1405514655
480 pages

How to Celebrate the Holidays in Key West

The Harbor Walk lights are lit at the Historic Seaport, the lobster trap tree is trimmed and nautical holiday displays with island-style decorations glimmer along the streets from Greene to Grinnell. Key West is ready for the holidays.Pay a visit to the southernmost island this holiday season and enjoy Key West’s Holiday Fest celebrations.Continued belowContinued belowDon’t forget to check out these 11 new things to do on your next Key West trip.Holiday Parade – Dec. 2Local flavor prevails...

Geeks are using science to make the best chocolate ever

Rob Anderson is a geek. So he makes chocolate for other geeks, or, more accurately, "people who really like chocolate and geek out about it."What does he mean by that? If you change one step of the chocolate-making process, you change the taste of the resulting chocolate entirely. And Anderson wants to show you exactly what that means. Fresco Chocolate, his company, roasts beans four different ways and conches (aka aerates and stirs) chocolate four different ways to create totally unique bars...

Wine, Dine and Unwind in Leesburg

Thirty-three miles from the nation’s capital, in Loudoun, the richest county in America, you’ll find Leesburg, the county seat, a place where the average annual household income tops $125,000. This bedroom community off Interstate 66 is home to D.C. lawyers, lobbyists and money, but it’s more than just a place for Washington power players to lay their heads at night: It’s a travel destination in its own right.It’s an epicenter of agri-tourism, with 24 breweries and 40 wineries in Loudoun,...

The pioneers of Switzerland’s ‘Chocolate Revolution’

.article_content h3 { color: #000000 !important; } How did a country without a single homegrown cocoa bean become one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers? explains how the history of chocolate as we know it is the history of Swiss innovation, immigration, luck – and love.The $100 billion (CHF100billion) global chocolate industry has certainly come a long way since the days, some 3,000 years ago, when inhabitants of central and southern America would...