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Cocoa Nib Grinder Demo

Roasted, winnowed cacao nib being ground into chocolate liquor in three cycles on the newly redesigned Cacao Cucina Cocoa Nib Grinder.

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Rhode Island Public Radio [01/05/18, via Rhode Island Public Radio]
Weathering The Storm, With A Hot Slice Of Pizza When businesses shut down during winter storms, residents looking for a hot meal can be left in the cold. Unless you happen to live in Newport. As winds howled down and snow drifts billowed across Broadway on Thursday, some people found respite at A1 [...] [12/18/17, via]
3-course interview: Christopher Nobles, chocolate maker For a single-origin or a varietal bar, I would press a small amount of cocoa butter using a proprietary method. For non-origin stuff — like a dark couverture or milk chocolate — I use nondeodorized, organic cocoa butter. The cacao nibs (cracked [...]

Engadget [12/19/17, via Engadget]
Geeks are using science to make the best chocolate ever For example, he realized that melangeurs (the machines used to grind cocoa nibs) are really just big granite grinders. "I Googled 'granite stone and granite wheels,' and what popped up was an Indian wet grinder," he remembered. Wet grinders are used to [...]

[08/03/17, via Reuters]
Ghana's distressed CPC cocoa grinder seeks $300 mln to stabilise business The AfDB is willing to provide $1.2 billion to finance plans by Ivory Coast and Ghana to process more of their cocoa under a joint initiative to guarantee stable revenues from the commodity, Adesina told on Wednesday. Asante is hopeful that [...]

bought a kg of cocoa so now i can make mochas along with my flat whites on my espresso machine 8D yayyy! made one a… 

The smell of freshly made chocolate you cant beat it!! # #grinder #cocoa #cocoabeans #cocoanibs #madagascar… 

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In 2017, some restaurants opened, some closed, others found new homes

CLOSE This California-based breakfast chain is a welcome addition to the Avenue Viera area. Photos and review by Lyn Dowling. Video by Suzy Fleming Leonard. Posted Nov. 27, 2016. WochitBuy PhotoBHIVE, an ice cream and sandwich shop, opened this year in Titusville.(Photo: Lyn Dowling/For FLORIDA TODAY)Buy PhotoA lot can happen in a year, especially on the restaurant scene. The past 12 months brought delicious new dining options; 2017 also closed the doors to some longtime...

Geeks are using science to make the best chocolate ever

Rob Anderson is a geek. So he makes chocolate for other geeks, or, more accurately, "people who really like chocolate and geek out about it."What does he mean by that? If you change one step of the chocolate-making process, you change the taste of the resulting chocolate entirely. And Anderson wants to show you exactly what that means. Fresco Chocolate, his company, roasts beans four different ways and conches (aka aerates and stirs) chocolate four different ways to create totally unique bars...

Cocoa grinders compete for butter while powder supplies abound

NEW YORK/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Chocolate makers including Barry Callebaut are racing to buy cocoa butter from their competitors this summer, pushing price premiums to their highest in months. Chocolate chips are seen at Barry Callebaut factory in Lebbeke September 29, 2011. REUTERS/Yves Herman The scramble for butter reflects a growing imbalance in the market for the two main substances produced from grinding a cocoa bean: butter, which gives chocolate its melt-in-the-mouth texture, and...

European cocoa processing up 3% in 2017 amid low bean prices

However, cocoa prices are likely to increase this year leading to a slowdown in grindings, says a market analyst.Grinds gain ground in Europe​European cocoa processing climbed 2.6% for the full year to 1,378,541 metric tons (MT), according to data released today by the European Cocoa Association (ECA).The grind statistics from 22 companies, including Barry Callebaut, Cargill and Mondelēz International, showed a 4.4% rise in the fourth quarter (Q4) versus the same period in 2016 to 353,286...