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Chocolate Production

How Chocolate is made from Raw Cocao beans. I don't know the original source, it was from a very old video tape from almost 30 years ago.

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[01/05/18, via (press release)]
Crescent City Meats Recalls Ready-To-Eat Tasso Ham Products due to Underprocessing The problem was discovered on Jan. 4, 2018, when another federal establishment who was further processing the product noticed that the RTE product appeared to be raw. Upon investigation, FSIS Inspection Program Personnel verified that some of the RTE [...]

Echonetdaily [01/02/18, via Echonetdaily]
Taking a bite of chocolate yoga Don't assume because it's organic, raw, Fair Trade cacao bought from a health-food shop that it will have a high vibration suitable for spiritual purposes. What I've learnt from visiting cacao farms around the world in my search for a pure 'ceremonial [...]

International Business Times UK [01/02/18, via International Business Times UK]
World could run out of chocolate by 2050 but there might be a way to save it Typically, more than half of the world's chocolate comes from Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Indonesia. But things will not remain the same due to climate change. The NOAA report said that the effect of global warming will be so drastic that these plants [...] [01/16/18, via]
New Year, New You: Top products to help with resolutions, Dry January and more - tried and tested Created as a reduced-sugar alternative to Nutella and other similar chocolate spreads, Jim Jams are priced at around the same amount - and are absolutely delicious! As a firm fan of Nutella, I must admit I was wary at first, but having sampled it I am [...]

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Top 5 Tips For Making Chocolate Edibles Recipes A Success

If you’ve ever tried using real chocolate to make edibles, you know that it’s not easy. At Ecole Chocolat, we’ve been educating students in the art and science of chocolate making since 2003. Our graduates have gone on to open some of the most successful chocolate businesses in the country and around the world. Over the years, many of our students have wanted to work with cannabis and chocolate, and they’ve told us how frustrating it can be. With legalization on the rise across many states,...

A Box of Chocolate (Beer) for Christmas

Virginia-based Starr Hill has been around just short of forever, and has managed to reinvigorate their lineup in the last couple of years, remaking recipes for their flagships and introducing new limited-edition beers at a serious clip. And we like the cut of their jib. Their new double IPA impressed the hell out of us not that long ago, and their coffee stout, Little Red RooStarr, earned the number six spot in our most recent blind tasting of non-imperial stouts, beating 60 other stouts in...

Patent granted to Chocolate Flavour Tea

The current post draws its reference from a pre-grant opposition filed by FEDERATION OF ALL INDIA TEA TRADERS ASSOCIATION (FAIITTA) to a patent application bearing no. 3293/CHE/2011 titled "Process for preparing fresh Tea with chocolate flavour".The Invention in summary relates to process for preparing fresh tea having chocolate flavour. According to applicant's reply to FER, the method is very simple and comprises of a single step. For preparing tea with chocolate flavour, chocolate essence...

Chocolate War: When Geeks Make Better Chocolate

What is Ruby chocolate?Bean-to-Bar (BTB) means that all the process of making the chocolate happens in-house. From sorting, to roasting, to cracking, all the way to moulding, the entire BTB process happens inside one facility with one person or a small group of people. The efficiency of the system even includes the farms where the BTB companies get their beans from. It can be assumed that such a tight system makes it easy to produce chocolate that is said to rival with any other chocolate on...