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Chocolate Making Machinery

These machines are specially designed for small and medium scale chocolate Makers.Equipment is Stainless Steel Construction. Food Contact Surfaces are ...

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[02/07/18, via ]
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[01/29/18, via The Register-Guard]
Lawsuit blames Eugene chocolate equipment seller for New Hampshire house fire John Nanci of Eugene started Chocolate Alchemy in 2004, and the business — primarily an Internet retailer — operates out of a space on West 11th Avenue in west Eugene. Nanci is a chemist who founded his business to provide ingredients, equipment and [...]

Ventures Africa [02/06/18, via Ventures Africa]
Meet the woman promoting indigenous chocolate production in Nigeria Also, because the chocolate making industry is uncharted, there is no skilled labour for bean-to-bar factories; “I always have to train employees and monitor them. Some of them leave after investing so much time and resources training them… The [...]

NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News [01/16/18, via NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News]
Israeli Startup Develops Ice Capsules To Make Instant Ice Cream At Home “I told myself why not give people the opportunity to make their own ice cream at home, something fast that will reduce supply chain costs given that the on-site making of ice cream cuts the logistics costs of producing frozen ice cream.” Beth-Halachmi [...]

Seattle Times [01/30/18, via Seattle Times]
Union Saloon's chocolate dessert is a piece of cake I love cake, but I was never fond of German chocolate until I encountered the one Michelle Magidow makes at Union Saloon. Long before she opened her cozy Wallingford bar and restaurant, Magidow was a chef and baker. She keeps her hand in baking by [...]

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A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol
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YayPay Introduces Forecasting To Accounts Receivable Platform -

london train mono candid streetphotography thetube northernline tubetrain zedzap Photo by Nick Kenrick.. on Flickr

Accounts receivable company YayPay is adding new capabilities to its platform after launching in 2015. Reports Friday (May 12) said YayPay is integrating cash flow forecasting capabilities for companies that are unsure about their future cash... YayPay will use the data aggregated from its clients and its clients’ clients to help companies more accurately forecast their cash flow and be able to commit to a major project (or not) based on that prediction. The company will provide its customers with an indication of how likely a business will pay its invoice and when. The company spoke with PYMNTS last year to discuss the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the accounts receivable department to indicate when a company may want to nudge one of its customers to pay a bill or to know the best...


We tour Duffy's Chocolate factory in Humberston where some of the world's best chocolate is made - Grimsby Telegraph

1930sfrysworkersdininghallsomerdale Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr

Gerald 'Duffy' Sheardown makes high-quality chocolate from his unassuming unit in Wilton Road, Humberston, where he has concocted a number of award-winning products, some named among the best of their kind in the world. Duffy, who got his nickname in school, hasn't always been in the chocolate-making business, having previously worked in the construction of racing cars for 30 years in a rather enviable career history. Explaining how he made the transition from speed to sweets, Duffy revealed an interesting fact many be not be aware of. He said: "I heard on the radio that only Cadbury's make chocolate from cacao beans in the UK so, I thought, 'I can do that.


Sweet! Here are six awesome chocolate makers you should know about

Wine-filled chocolates. Chocolate-covered Oreos. Chocolate bars made with clementine olive oil.The list of chocolate goodies you can buy just keeps on going. Everyone knows about the big boys of the candy world (like See’s Candies and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory). But did you know there are locally owned chocolate makers operating right under our noses in the Fresno area? Some of them make chocolate sold at stores around the country. Many ship nationwide. All of them have something...

Geeks are using science to make the best chocolate ever

Rob Anderson is a geek. So he makes chocolate for other geeks, or, more accurately, "people who really like chocolate and geek out about it."What does he mean by that? If you change one step of the chocolate-making process, you change the taste of the resulting chocolate entirely. And Anderson wants to show you exactly what that means. Fresco Chocolate, his company, roasts beans four different ways and conches (aka aerates and stirs) chocolate four different ways to create totally unique bars...

Israeli Startup Develops Ice Capsules To Make Instant Ice Cream At Home

Ice cream lovers around the world may soon be able to make the frozen treat right in their kitchens — without the chopping, mixing, unsightly machines, or hours of waiting. Like coffee.An Israeli startup has developed a capsule system that would make fresh ice cream in an instant with just the click of a button, much like a coffee machine.SEE ALSO:Is Sushi Healthier Than Ice Cream? Not Necessarily, Diabetes Researchers SaySolo Gelato’s capsules come in 24 flavors – and counting – and are a...

Home Sweet Home To Chocolate Makers

CHOCOLATE is usually not a hard sell, no matter how and where it is made. Beyond the guilty pleasures imported from Belgium, Switzerland, France and some corners of the United States, a lot of scrumptious chocolates are made in Connecticut, often on a cottage-industry scale by people who are eager to convert you to their special premium handmade chocolates.Here are a few of them.When Mike and Debbie Grissmer, both Yale Law School graduates, felt stressed by their corporate legal work in New...