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THE MAKING(English Version)(289)The Making of Chocolate

This series follows the technology used to make products we regularly come in contact with. In this episode we introduce chocolate. Chocolate is made from the ...

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Independent Online [01/17/18, via Independent Online]
Berg chocolate treats bring couple sweet success Edi and Tammy Ernst built The Drakensberg Chocolate Memories factory and The Chocolate Bar without any financial assistance. Picture: Lyse Comins. A WHIRLWIND adventure on board the Queen Elizabeth II (QE II) cruise ship, a wedding in Serbia, a [...]

Forbes [01/15/18, via Forbes]
Inspiration for 2018: Chocolate Maker Shawn Askinosie On Personal Calling And Intentional Business It's something I take a lot of pride in because, I mean, all these beans pull up right here at my factory and we store them in a warehouse. They've most recently been touched by those farmers and that's pretty cool. I'm very, very proud of that. You [...]

Reuters [01/11/18, via Reuters]
Gourmet chocolate becomes economic lifeline in Venezuela crisis Adriana Pino makes chocolate bars at the +58 Cacao chocolate factory in Caracas, Venezuela October 6, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins. Output of 16,000 tonnes per year is less than 1 percent of the global total, and less than 10 percent of the [...]

Voice of America [01/13/18, via Voice of America]
Gourmet Chocolate Becomes Economic Lifeline in Venezuela On the second floor of an old mansion in Caracas, economist and chef Giovanni Conversi has been making specialty chocolate for two years under the name Mantuano. Sprinkled with sea salt or aromatic fruits from the Amazon, the chocolate bars are a hit [...]

@todderic_ in the book charlie and the chocolate factory the glass elevator, willy wonka was making an anti-aging f… 

RT @connolly_cove: A tour through candy and chocolate making at Aunt Sandra's Handmade Candy Factory in Belfast! 

A tour through candy and chocolate making at Aunt Sandra's Handmade Candy Factory in Belfast! 

Hay @MatPatGT here's a theory. The place full of food in willy wonka and chocolate factory isn't really. Seen as he… 

Oh!Explore Mr. Max’0’Woody's chocolate factory and engage in a broadway musical depicting the story of chocolate ma… 

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Pure Imagination Pure Imagination
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Chocolate Chocolate
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Guittard Chocolate Cookbook Guittard Chocolate Cookbook
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Isam and the chocolate factory: Syrian refugees relaunch family business in Canada - The Guardian

guilbert’s thelastchocolatemakerintown thehistoryofchocolatemakinginbristol Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr

The Hadhads were left with nothing after rockets rained down on their home and destroyed the factory that housed the family chocolate-making business. Now, resettled in a new home on Canada ’s east coast – where they had arrived some five months earlier as refugees – they felt they could do something to help. Weeks after settling in Antigonish, a small town of 10,000 people in Nova Scotia, they had relaunched the family business, improvising in their small kitchen to recreate some of the chocolates they had once exported across the Middle East. “Making chocolate was really getting us some revenue, so we said, why don’t we help the Canadians on the other side of the country. It was a defining moment in a whirlwind year that saw them go from newly arrived refugees to successful business owners who now.


The First “Chocolate Chip” Was a Molasses Candy - Smithsonian

corowa church anglican railwaystation chiltern gldrush advertising regoselfraisingflour flourmill silos whisky Photo by denisbin on Flickr

The origins of the modern chocolate chip lie with Ruth Wakefield, the woman who created the Toll House cookie in the 1930s. But the name “chocolate chip” is older than that, writes Kate Erbland for Mental Floss. The original “Chocolate Chips” were small cookies that probably bore a resemblance to the original kind of “chips,” according to Merriam-Webster : chips of wood. Then in 1892, Erbland writes, “the ‘chip’ title was first applied to candy, as a Kaufmanns candy ad from the time boasted of their supply of ‘chocolate chips. But the chocolate chips they were making weren’t the modern candy: a court case in 1897 over the trademark for “Trowbridge Chocolate Chips” said the candies bearing that name were “thin oblong pieces of molasses coated in chocolate,” she writes.


Geeks are using science to make the best chocolate ever

Rob Anderson is a geek. So he makes chocolate for other geeks, or, more accurately, "people who really like chocolate and geek out about it."What does he mean by that? If you change one step of the chocolate-making process, you change the taste of the resulting chocolate entirely. And Anderson wants to show you exactly what that means. Fresco Chocolate, his company, roasts beans four different ways and conches (aka aerates and stirs) chocolate four different ways to create totally unique bars...

Inside Ann Arbor's very own chocolate factory

ANN ARBOR - Zingerman's Candy Manufactory opened this fall just in time for Halloween, and as the holidays roll around, business is booming. What sets it apart from mainstream candy-making is that every candy is handmade with precision and care. It may slow down the process, but owner Charlie Frank says eating fresh candy is a whole new experience and delivers a lasting impression. He sources his ingredients with high standards, which helps add to the flavor....

The Chocolate Factory Gets Helping Hand from Stratasys 3D Printing

We’re filled to brimming with articles about the ways in which 3D printing has impacted medical, automotive, and military sectors, and there have been a number of discussions around the impact that the technology will have in fashion, foods, and furnishings. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find an area in which 3D printing hasn’t made some impact. One of my favorite applications is 3D printed chocolate. Not so much the product as the idea, so far, but I have high hopes, as I always do...

Final Bow: Three Charlies Take Their Last Trip to Broadway's Chocolate Factory

FINAL BOWXShare via EmailJake Ryan Flynn, Ryan Foust, and Ryan Sell give us a golden ticket to a world of pure imagination.David Gordon • Broadway • Jan 7, 2018In 2017, director Jack O'Brien gave three young men a golden ticket to Broadway. Jake Ryan Flynn, Ryan Foust, and Ryan Sell all made their Broadway debuts in the title role of the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, going head-to-head with co-leading man Christian Borle as the mysterious Willy...