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The Daily Planet [01/04/18, via The Daily Planet]
Longtime Russell Stover candymaker dies Cronenberg didn't wear an outlandish purple suit and top hat or whisper in rhymes a la Gene Wilder, but the longtime Russell Stover Chocolates employee was responsible for the most important part of the candy-making procedure: processing the raw milk [...]

USA TODAY [01/04/18, via USA TODAY]
Peeps candy maker clucks over court ruling, files appeal The candy company that makes Peeps, those yellow marshmallow chicks that have become a mainstay of many Easter baskets, is doing more than squawking about a court decision. It's appealing. Just Born Quality Confections is contesting a federal judge's [...]

OCRegister [12/13/17, via OCRegister]
Disneyland candymaker dies after 43 years of making sweet memories If you ever stopped and peeked into the window of the Candy Palace sweet shop on Disneyland's Main Street, you've likely seen candy maker Rob McHargue, who spent 43 years there devoted to the craft of sugary treats. Wearing the signature candymaker's [...] [01/09/18, via]
New Lawsuit Claims Junior Mints Has Been Majorly Underfilling Boxes While most packaged food has some amount of air — also known as functional slack-fill — to protect the product or as the result of settling during shipping or as necessary in the manufacturing process, the plaintiffs in this case claim that some of [...]

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The Candy-maker The Candy-maker
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The Candy-maker
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American Candy Maker American Candy Maker
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The Housewife's Practical Candy Maker The Housewife's Practical Candy Maker
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HARIBO of America to expand Rosemont HQ, add 55 jobs - Chicago Daily Herald

vintage junk homemade recycling upcycling bintage Photo by joimson on Flickr

, a global candy maker best known for its fruit-flavored gummy bears, announced Friday it will consolidate its U. S. corporate operations to its Rosemont headquarters, bringing 55 new jobs to the area. The German, third-generation family-owned company said it is making the change because of the Chicago area's history of candy manufacturing and the local workforce, as well as to centralize its operations. The company will be receiving tax credit incentives under the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity's EDGE program, a DCEO spokesman confirmed Friday. The business incentive program provide tax breaks for businesses that locate or expand in the state, with the stipulation that the company meet the investment terms in the agreement. Founded by Hans Riegel in 1920 in a suburb of Bonn, Germany, HARIBO is the global market leader in the fruit gum and licorice segment, according to the company's website.


Innovation, tradition make Sanders and Morley Candy Makers a fabulous food plant - Food Engineering Magazine

make canon hannover electronics 7d faire hack maker hacks makerfaire Photo by ni.c on Flickr

The Sanders and Morley Candy Makers factory in Clinton Township, MI does its own molding. The candy maker buys its own plastic molds and can create from a little, square piece of chocolate a five-pound Easter bunny, explains Ron Rapson, the company’s president. And we molded 18,000 of those, one by one. It was such a big project that the team needed a little help, so the entire management group was down there helping. The candy maker, which first works its way into the hearts of those who live in Michigan with factory tours for school kids, is beloved in its home state and is growing nationally. Sanders was started in June 1875 by Fred Sanders Schmidt, who opened his first chocolate shop in Detroit. And in 2002, Morley Candy Makers, Inc.


At Disneyland, hundreds wait in line, then another line, to buy a candy cane – here’s why

Some people might call these folks wacky, crazed or just plain nuts. But we’ll just call them some of Disneyland’s most devoted fans.Fans who are willing to get up before dawn, drive to the park and stand in line for an hour waiting for Disneyland to open so they can … stand in another line. This time to get a wristband, to come back later and, you guessed it, stand in another line. All for the privilege of buying one single candy cane for $12.99.That’s right. I said, “Buy one.” Per...

Where did candy canes come from?

And were they meant to be a Christian symbol?One of the most popular sweets during the Christmas season is the iconic candy cane. The red and white sugar stick is everywhere during the month of December and many claim that its symbolism is entirely Christian in origin.Is that true?Hard sugar sticks have been a popular Christmas treat for the past several hundred years and trace their origin back to Germany. At first these sticks were used as another ornament on the Christmas tree. Then in...

Priest’s ‘sweet secret’: He invented machine that ‘hooked’ the candy cane

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — An Arkansas priest-inventor had a hand in creating the candy canes that you know and love this time of year.The history of the candy cane is a little murky. Legend has it that the candy started as plain white sugar sticks, maybe in the 1600s, according to a 2015 National Geographic blog, The Plate.“The stick got its cane-like hook, one unsubstantiated story claims, when a 17th-century choirmaster at Germany’s Cologne Cathedral convinced a local candy maker to bend...

Why Nestle sold its U.S. candy business — and bought a vitamin company

Nestle BabyRuth bars are seen on a store shelf the day the company announced plans to sell its U.S. candy business. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)Analysts are calling it a $2.8 billion testament to Americans’ changing tastes in food: On Tuesday, Nestle — the maker of Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Raisinets — agreed to sell its U.S. candy brands to Nutella-maker Ferrero.The deal is the latest in a torrent of food company mergers and acquisitions — the result, analysts say, of anemic growth in...