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How to Boil Water

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[01/08/18, via ]
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Man throws pot of boiling water into air and watches it immediately ... The amazing sight is the result of the Mpemba effect, that in certain circumstances warmer water freezes faster than cold. [...]

[01/08/18, via Tribune-Review]
Herminie man may reconcile with estranged wife who attacked him with boiling water David Gelet said Monday that he's not ready to end his 18-year marriage to a woman who pleaded guilty just minutes earlier in a Westmoreland County courtroom to dousing him with a pot of boiling water. “I would like to get to know her again, to make a [...]

ABC News [12/30/17, via ABC News]
People turn boiling water into snow in new video craze Many of the daredevils, like one person at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire, use boiling water to show the extent of how quickly and dramatically the water temperature can change. New York City may have coldest New Year's Eve since [...]

[12/31/17, via The Boston Globe]
Mount Washington in NH is colder than Mars It's apparently never too cold for a science experiment at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire. With a temperature of 31 degrees below zero, weather observer Adam Gill trekked outside early Thursday morning in a heavy yellow coat and ski [...]

RT @TheHumaneLeague: Switzerland has banned the boiling of live lobsters, a step in the right direction! Lobsters will no longer feel the p…

RT @Astharteea: @Protect_Wldlife @ABFalecbaldwin I’m also hoping for America to ban it very soon. Also ban the lobster tanks in grocery sto…


@mahmud_jato Hahaha Boil water in a pot, Pour your macaroni in the boiling water, let it cook for 10-15minutes.… 

RT @TheHumaneLeague: Switzerland has banned the boiling of live lobsters, a step in the right direction! Lobsters will no longer feel the p…

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Here’s How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot That Basically Peel Themselves

Babble participates in affiliate commission programs, including with Amazon, which means that we receive a share of revenue from purchases you make from the links on this page.If you’re not currently obsessed with your Instant Pot, then I’m not sure what you’re doing with your life, because this thing has literally changed my life — and millions of others.Case in point: I recently learned that the “steam” function on the Instant Pot doubles as a genius hack for cooking and peeling hard-boiled...

Death of girl, 8, after drinking boiling water devastates family

Ki’ari Pope didn’t make it to her ninth birthday.It would have been a festive occasion on September 10, a special day she always shared with her mom Marquisia Bonner, whose birthday is just a day later.But Ki’ari’s death Sunday from complications after drinking boiling water on a dare has left her family devastated.“It’s been hard to deal with,” said Ki’ari’s cousin Marquita Williams, 32, of Boynton Beach. “I just really, really miss her.”The tragedy began in March. A pot of water boiled in...

50 Things You Can Cook In An Instant Pot

50 Things You Can Cook In An Instant PotSienna Fantozzi23 hrs agoInstant Pot, you need to know exactly what it can do." data-src="{"default":"//"}" role="presentation" src="//" title="If you're considering investing in an Instant Pot, you need to know exactly what it can do. - Courtesy of Cookies and Cups" /> Get the...

Complacent investors run risk of reliving ‘parable of the boiling frog’

Is it getting warm in here?Analysts at Société Générale think it is, and they’re worried that investors won’t notice until it’s too late. In a Tuesday note, they laid out their fear that investors are in danger of “reliving the parable of the boiling frog.”That’s the dusty trope that holds that a frog in a pot of water sitting on a stove will remain content as the temperature slowly rises, not realizing its soon to be boiled alive until too late. (For the record, while it’s an illustrative...