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Best Shabu Shabu(Japanese Hot Pot) in Los Angeles - Food Adventure!

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[01/05/18, via ]
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Forbes [12/30/17, via Forbes]
How To Use The Food Trends Of 2018 In Your Kitchen Cooking with next year's trends, from cake for breakfast to haute hotpot. [...]

South China Morning Post [12/19/17, via South China Morning Post]
Best vegan dishes in Hong Kong, from dim sum to pizza to hotpot, and where to find them Plant-based cuisine – which contains no animal products such as meat or dairy – is all the rage in New York, LA and London, and Hong Kong is catching up fast. High-end establishments like Duddell's are adding creative vegan dishes to their omnivorous [...] [01/05/18, via]
Hip new Sichuan kitchen part of an emerging Chinatown West In fact, there are now more than twice the number Chinese and Taiwanese nationals at Penn (1,761) than there are in Chinatown itself (750). Add another 600-plus students at Drexel — including Rao, a 2015 grad — and you have an economic force that's [...]

CBS San Francisco Bay Area [01/04/18, via CBS San Francisco Bay Area]
Feds' Reversal On Marijuana Enforcement Clouds California Pot Business And now, they're saying you can be prosecuted,” said marijuana grower Jeron Poole. “I feel like we're being set up for failure.” State Attorney General Xavier Becerra may provide some legal cover, releasing a statement of strong support. “In California [...]

RT @rosieticos: the best part of the run episode was namjoon putting his hands in a literal pot of hot water to hold noodles bc jin needed…

RT @linbea945: Eating the best hot pot in LA n meet 2 IGOT7 

the best part of the run episode was namjoon putting his hands in a literal pot of hot water to hold noodles bc jin… 

RT @Pret: The best way to get fresh flavours into a big, bold hot pot is to stir them in at the very last minute. 

RT @Pret: The best way to get fresh flavours into a big, bold hot pot is to stir them in at the very last minute. 

Pu Pu Hot Pot Pu Pu Hot Pot
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ISBN 9780241965887,0241965888
224 pages
Japanese Hot Pots Japanese Hot Pots
Published by Ten Speed Press 2011
ISBN 9781607741312,1607741318
160 pages
The Japanese Hotpot Book The Japanese Hotpot Book
Published by Martha Stone 2014
60 pages
Hot Pot Hot Pot
316 pages

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High-end juicers. Home seltzer machines. Sous vide. Every year there’s a new fad culinary gadget that wins a coveted spot on countertops across the country, only to be relegated to distant cupboards or the garage once the novelty wears off.This holiday season, nothing in the kitchen is more buzzworthy than the Instant Pot — a multipurpose electric cooker that slow cooks, pressure cooks, sautes, steams and even makes yogurt from scratch.The gadget has attained cult-like status among its...

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ACROSS COLORADO -- Hungry for nothing but the best? You might want to plan an in-state road trip. Popular food site The Daily Meal has provided what it's calling the definitive list of the best places to eat and drink in Colorado for 2018."Known for its hiking and early legalization of marijuana, Colorado is a stunning and serene state," the site says. "The state's food is rumored to be just as awe-inducing as its scenic views, stretching from the culinary hotspot of Denver to the less...

Pot is dangerous, not funny -- a doctor tells us why

The legalization of marijuana became a hot topic in the past week. First, recreational use of the drug became legal in California at the start of 2018. Next, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he would allow U.S. attorneys to decide whether to enforce federal laws outlawing the use and sale of pot in states that have legalized the drug.Sessions ended an Obama administration policy that discouraged federal prosecutors from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that allow the drug’s...