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Manual Meat Grinder Hand Crank Counter Top Dishwasher Safe Powerful Suction Base

Eat healthier when you grind your own fresh meats: you can ensure your family is eating the freshest burgers, tacos and sausages made from only the finest, healthiest cuts of meat when you grind it all yourself. Simple hand crank operation gives you full control: the advantage of a manual grinder over electric is control. Grinding is easy with the hand crank and you aren’t sacrificing any of your control over quality the way you do with an electric grinder. Strong suction base ensures...

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Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder

Bellemain manual meat grinder description if you've been dying to try grinding your own meat for incredibly tasty, juicy sausages, burgers and tacos, but wouldn't do it often enough or in large enough quantities to justify the expense of a big electric grinder, then the bellemain manual meat grinder is the perfect choice for you. Makes medium ground beef, chicken, pork, ham and lamb from the best burgers you've ever made to sausages, meatballs, tacos, pasta sauces, picnic salads, hashes and...

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